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Whistle 1st half: ManCity – Chelsea 0:0


A very strong game by Kepa, Rüdiger and Sarr. But otherwise Chelsea very disappointing, it didn’t look like first against second at all, the class leader acted so superior. But overall, he works out a little too few chances to score and then can’t use the few that he has. You still have to lead because you have chances to score. Chelsea zero shots at Ederson’s goal, not even wide, yes, not even for a corner. In this respect, this half-time score is of course a great thing for the Londoners, but can you turn this happy coincidence into something countable after the break? We’re excited, but of course we’d much rather bet a few pounds on a home win. 45th minute (+2)In this, Chelsea even has the ball throughout, but no train to the goal. 45th minute (+1)Only a minute of stoppage time, but there weren’t any interruptions worth mentioning. 44 minutesGrealish gets it right this time, getting through at the baseline and putting it back for De Bruyne. But he bolted over it, that was definitely not his usual technical level. Luckily for the guests who are actually due. 41 minutesWhat a horrible mistake by Kovacic, Tuchel is about to get at his throat. No, because Kepa excelled with a footed save on Grealish’s shot. Blessed is he who has such a second glove. 38 minutesWhy is it still scoreless? Because Sarr and Rüdiger are both a bank. Just now, Rüdiger has to defend the entire penalty area because the sky blues are clearly in the majority. And still catches the ball in the middle of De Bruyne. Yes, yes, offside in front is now indicated, but no one knew that before. 35 minutesFoden dribbled heavily on the left, but then played blindly into the middle. Now please don’t complain that no other player ran into position. 32 minutes – yellow cardMateo KovacicA few seconds later, however, Mateo Kovacic fouled Bernardo Silva in the same place and was shown a yellow card. 31 minutesTuchel continues to wave wildly, but this time he can be satisfied, Kovacic prevails and gets a free kick. However, in your own half.29 minutesThe guests again at the opposing penalty area. But you combine yourself quite awkwardly offside, so I can knock out a symptomatic one. 26 minutesThere isn’t much more that can be done, Sterling’s enthusiasm for playing is sheer madness. And the ball sticks to your feet, which is also exceptional at this level. In this scene, however, again unprofitable art, only the efficiency is still missing from the leaders, otherwise everything fits. 25 minutesWhat we’re seeing right now is total City dominance. But anything but a total goal threat, there is so much more. 22 minutesWhoever Tuchel always likes is Antonio Rüdiger. Not without reason, of course, a strong duel that doesn’t even give City a corner, but a free kick for Chelsea. 19 minutesHowever, Lukaku should have done it himself, even if Ziyech and Pulisic ran to the right and left of him. But that’s not going so well with the brawny Belgian at the moment. 17 minutesTuchel’s mood is rather bad. Especially Ziyech doesn’t make him happy. Speaking of which, why isn’t the Moroccan at AFCON? Because his coach Halilhodzic doesn’t like him and didn’t nominate him. He has to be careful that Tuchel doesn’t think the same way soon.14 minutesBut City keeps marching. Raheem Sterling is so fast and crosses so promising this time. John Stones doesn’t have Lukaku on his cheek in this box, but still puts his header too centrally into Kepa’s arms.11 minutesFor ten minutes only City is playing and Chelsea are chasing. And then almost 0:1. Romelu Lukaku lets Stones look pretty old, fuels through and plays altruistically for Ziyech. A tad too steep, but we’re already shown to be offside. 7 minutes – yellow cardMarcos AlonsoAnd we got the first yellow card of the afternoon. Or Marcos Alonso has, because he could not stop the fast Raheem Sterling with fair means. 6 minutesSpeaking of keeper Kepa, regular goalkeeper Mendy is missing twice, on the one hand he is at the Africa Cup in Cameroon, on the other hand he has Corona. 5 minutesNow for the first time the intoxication of speed. Beautifully played by De Bruyne and Laporte, who looked out for Grealish, the Belgian with the very fine blade, i.e. the outside of the foot. But very careful from Azpilicueta, who successfully intervened in teamwork with his keeper Kepa. 2nd minuteLight blue against dark blue, the owners of black and white tube TVs will not appreciate that. But the two teams don’t start out in a rush, so that everyone can easily sort themselves out. 1 minuteAnd here we go, GM Craig Pawson blew his whistle at that moment. Before the game startsVery briefly to the first leg, Chelsea lost 0:1. Goal by Gabriel Jesus in the 65th minute, as the game went. Before the game startsChelsea don’t lose very often, very rarely. But there are too many draws, the 2-2 win against Liverpool was flawless, but against Burnley, Everton or Brighton, it’s anything but bueno. Accordingly, one will not be able to approve a point division today, even if this would of course be commendable on paper away from City.Before the game startsWhy is City so far ahead? Because they’ve been winning every game for weeks, an unsurprising answer. Only one Golden Pineapple was left behind in Leipzig on the last group match day of the Champions League. But the last CL game days, when the coat has long been distributed, that’s anything but a new phenomenon, of course the handbrake stays on when you have more competitive games including national team appearances than some Bundesliga clubs in two years. Before the game startsThe older ones remember that at the beginning of the season, Chelsea were top of the table for a long time, and the Citizens only overtook them in December. And they all fell behind, now the Blues have ten points and Liverpool eleven, but they still have one game less. Nevertheless, if the home three is fixed today, then the fair is already quite read in terms of titles, so you don’t lean too far out of the window. Before the game startsTuchel’s Chelsea also had Pokal, but with Tottenham a more well-known opponent. He also rotates vigorously, Christensen, Jorginho, Hudson-Odoi, Mount and Werner have rotated out, but Christensen with Corona. Therefore, the gentlemen Thiago Silva, Kante, Marcos Alonso, Pulisic and Ziyech can prove themselves in the starting eleven, for the latter two that is not a matter of course.Before the game startsCity’s last competitive game was the cup duel with Swindon (won 4-1), so we don’t need to look for changes, of course the A-Elf were rested for today. Although one would actually rather suspect Gündogan, Gabriel Jesus and Ruben Dias in this one, but they are sitting on the bench for the time being. Ake isn’t even in the very wide squad, but what surprises most is the all-English forward line with Sterling, Grealish and Foden.Before the game startsThomas Tuchel has this answer ready in terms of personnel: Kepa – Rüdiger, Thiago Silva, Sarr – Azpilicueta, Kante, Kovacic, Marcos Alonso, Ziyech, Pulisic – Lukaku.Before the game startsThe absolute top game. And these eleven men should decide the championship for Guardiola today: Ederson – Walker, Stones, Laporte, Joao Cancelo – De Bruyne, Rodrigo, Bernardo Silva – Sterling, Grealish, Foden.Before the game startsWelcome to the Premier League match day 22 between Manchester City and Chelsea.

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