Home Technology WhatsApp will soon tell users when others are talking about them

WhatsApp will soon tell users when others are talking about them

WhatsApp will soon tell users when others are talking about them

The messenger app Whatsapp is planning a new function that will notify users if they are mentioned in a message.© Marius Bulling/Imago A new function in Whatsapp should make it easier for users to deal with group chats in the future. However, it is still unclear when the update will come.Kassel – Messenger Whatsapp* will soon offer a new function that will notify you when other users are talking about you. As the information portal WABetaInfo reports, the first tests are already running. What sounds like espionage is actually a practical feature that should be of particular interest to people who are members of many Whatsapp groups. Because thanks to the planned innovation, only the relevant news that really affects you will have to be read.

Whatsapp update: New function so far only for iOS devices

After the update, users should be able to set that they will only be notified if they are explicitly mentioned in a group chat. In addition, you will also receive a push message if a reply to your own group message has been sent. Then, in addition to the push message, the profile picture of the respective contact person should also be displayed. According to the report, however, this setting only applies to group chats and not to private chats. In addition, the new feature has so far only applied to iOS users. They can already access the update using the beta version of Whatsapp. It is currently not known whether the function will also be available for Android smartphones in the future. An exact release date for the update has not yet been set. You can find more Whatsapp news* about Messenger on our topic page. If you want to avoid annoying group chats, you can use a simple trick to secretly “leave” Whatsapp groups*. In addition, a chain letter has recently been making the rounds on Whatsapp*, in which there is talk of a “third blue tick”. (Nail Akkoyun) *hna.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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