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What really helps against Omikron at the moment

What really helps against Omikron at the moment

Jan 14, 2022 @ 11:39am

What really helps against Omikron: FFP2 masks are the drug of choice

A sign on the front door of a retail store in Stuttgart indicates wearing an FFP2 mask. Photo: dpa/Marijan Murat Dusseldorf In view of the high infection rate of the omicron variant, many people are unsure about the protective effect of the vaccinations. FFP2 masks, for example, are an excellent means of combating airborne viruses.

Sooner or later everyone will be infected with the corona virus – so it is said all over the country from the mouths of virologists. In fact, the virus is now more agile than ever, it has more mutations on the spike protein, the binding anchor with which it docks to human cells. This makes the vaccines a little more blunt, although they still work well against severe cases. So once a virus for everyone? That may really be the case, although it is difficult to see why people who protect themselves sensibly, avoid contact and follow the hygiene rules are necessarily infected. It is possible that they only get a few viruses, which would not even be noticeable in a sharp PCR test, and have a completely asymptomatic course. That too would be an infection, albeit beyond the statistics. Since it is becoming increasingly apparent that vaccinations primarily serve the purpose of not letting people become seriously ill with Covid-19, but not the purpose of lasting immunization, other concepts for preventing infection may be needed. Or does it not rather need the underestimated old ones? The misery is also reflected in the fact that the state did not prioritize wearing a mask from the start. Especially not wearing the correct mask. Anyone can drive from the post office to the drinks shop and the supermarket, all within a two-minute drive, and he makes these observations: The postal lady doesn’t wear a mask at all, works behind a plastic pane of glass (in German: spit protection), but often has to step aside to accept parcels avoid – and has close contact with customers. Is this allowed? In the drinks shop, the employee wears the mask under their nose. Also close contact, no disc. Why isn’t anyone stopping this? In the discounter, an employee puts goods on the shelves without a mask, sometimes also with close contact with customers, not a pane. is she allowed to do that No. Why is no one confronting her? In Omicron times, it is probably inevitable that sooner or later these people will become virus distribution stations, especially since they are likely to treat corona protection laxly in other areas of life as well. Now it is taking its revenge that at the beginning of the pandemic, the incorrect fit of masks was decided by the law enforcement officers with at most polite instructions (“Could you maybe kindly…”). Quite a few people say that the state should have taken legal action against offenders after a grace period as against people who use their mobile phones at the wheel of the car. There has been and still is too much discussion and haggling about masks, which was also due to the rather unprofessional mouth and nose protection in the early days of the pandemic. In the meantime, the data situation as far as protection is concerned is also watertight thanks to a new study by the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen.

Anyone who now argues with the aggression of the people overlooks the fact that the recalcitrance of the muffle in masks could only arise because clear conditions were not ensured from the start. Legal vacuums are created by toleration. Let us remind you of the facts here. The Göttingen researchers write that even a distance of three meters does not protect if someone is standing in the breathing air of a corona-infected person without a mask or with an ill-fitting mask. After five minutes of contact, the probability of infection is almost 100 percent. A mask just over the mouth is useless, neither for self-protection nor for the protection of others. And we would also like to remind you of the legal situation. If someone does not wear a mask properly, this is considered a violation of the rules and can be punished. Also when the mask hangs under the nose or possibly covers the tip. By the way, a mask is not just a mask. The researchers’ analysis shows that tight-fitting FFP2 masks protect 75 times better than well-fitting surgical masks. Nevertheless, medical masks also significantly reduce the risk of infection compared to a situation without any mouth and nose protection. So if you heed the rules, you will make a significant contribution to slowing down the spread in Omicron times. Incidentally, what an exemplary mask control brings was demonstrated these days at the guest concert of the London Symphony Orchestra in the Tonhalle. There were a few listeners in the hall who wore their masks incorrectly. The Tonhalle employees came over immediately and asked for the correct seat. Go then! One likes to go to such a concert hall in pandemic times.

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