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Virologist Melanie Brinkmann: “Nature is cruel”

Virologist Melanie Brinkmann:

In the ZDF talk round With Maybrit Illner on Thursday evening (January 13, 2022) the moderator and her guests asked themselves the question: “Wave or turn – is Omikron changing the corona policy?” Among other things, the corona vaccination was a dominant topic in the evening. When it came to the question of a general obligation to vaccinate, the opinions of the guests differed.

Virologist Melanie Brinkmann became very clear in their statements in the course of the debate. She named it her own way biggest problem in Germany in the pandemic: the unvaccinated.

“Corona is not the flu”: According to Brinkmann, contagion is not an option

That the Corona vaccination The guests present agreed that the only sensible solution to the pandemic was that infection was not an option. Virologist Brinkmann also dispelled the myth that “natural” immunization through infection is the better way of fighting the virus: “Nature is cruel”, she clarified, explaining this with reference to smallpox in the 18th century, from which every tenth Briton died at the time. This epidemic, too, was only brought under control at the time by vaccinating the population. Brinkmann also made an important point. She clearly rejected the comparison of the corona virus with the flu. The milder courses of the Omicron variant are also no argument for a comparison for the virologist. “Covid-19 is not flu, it’s a really serious illness,” she emphasized. She also issues a clear warning: “It won’t be the last variant.” Actually, this is already the case omicron wave only be stopped by the strict measures we know from the first lockdown.

Virologist Brinkmann: Booster helps, but the unvaccinated are the problem

Once again, the guests emphasized the importance of a third booster vaccination in the fight against the spread of the virus: “The boost helps a lot again,” emphasized Brinkmann. With a view to the high number of infections due to the omicron variant, however, she also said: “Unfortunately, the vaccination doesn’t matter when it comes to the dynamics of the infection.” Bestsellers: View corona self-tests on Amazon Three immunizations would reduce the individual risk of becoming seriously ill enormously. Currently, however, “the problem is that we have so many unvaccinated people”. Although the incidence values ​​are increasing, the occupancy of the intensive care units is currently low. “But that correlates very strongly with the vaccination rate.” That is, the low ones Occupancy of the intensive care units depends heavily on the vaccination rate. The virologist is therefore not very optimistic that the current utilization figures will remain so low if the vaccination rate does not increase. Article contains affiliate links *Note: In the editorial office, we are always looking for useful products for our readers. The links provided in this article and marked with a shopping cart symbol or an asterisk are so-called affiliate links/advertising links. If you click on one of these links and make a purchase through it, we receive a commission from the retailer. This does not change the price for you. Our editorial reporting is fundamentally independent of the existence or amount of a commission.

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