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Status: 01/14/2022 06:00 a.m

“Op dat Leven!” – “To life!” is the motto of “Vertell but mal” 2022. For the first time, the Low German writing competition has a band as its ambassador: Santiano.

by Lornz Lorenzen It’s cool, gray and gritty when the Santiano musicians Björn Both, Axel Stosberg and Hans-Timm Hinrichsen board the historic herring logger “Ryvar” in Flensburg’s museum harbour. But that doesn’t really matter now. Because they are here to introduce themselves as the new ambassadors of the Low German writing competition “Vertell but mal” by NDR, Radio Bremen and the Ohnsorg-Theater. The northern lights, who have been producing number one hits non-stop for a good ten years, tell in a good mood what they have to say about the new competition theme “Op dat Leven!” comes to mind and why they became ambassadors.

grew up speaking Low German

For the preservation of the language: As ambassador, Björn Both wants to work to ensure that Low German does not disappear. For the native North Frisian Björn Both, who is responsible for vocals, bass and didgeridoo in the band, a number of reasons play a role. “Ersmol sin we with Low German opwussen. And when we (in the band) had Low German really ok still a function. Namely, if we sin because of it, it’s okay to pray a secret language for us. And we observe of course also, with ‘n pray Hartpien wi düsse Spraak, say ik times, in de sinking deit.”

support the language

Hans-Timm Hinrichsen is honored to be a Vertell Ambassador this year. That’s why it’s also very clear to Hans-Timm Hinrichsen, alias Timsen, who sings and plays the guitar with Santiano, “that’s the Plattdüütsche ünnerstütten doot. That’s always lapping us up over the street here. That’s a great honor if wi dedore event ünnerstütten köönt and dorbi kholpen, dat possible vele Lüüd sik a story ot think and send it to doot.”

At home on the stages

And the third “Vertell but mal” ambassador in the round, the seaman rocker Axel Stosberg, also responsible for singing, percussion and harmonica, has an even more intimate connection to his fresh volunteer position: “Thanks to my relationship with the Ohnsorg Theater, which has lasted for 20 years I’ve been accompanying ‘Vertell but mal’ for almost 20 years. That’s exactly the reason why I’m particularly pleased that we were asked.” Stosberg was already on stage as an actor at the Ohnsorg Theater. There he not only played the frog prince in the Christmas fairy tale, but also the main role in Shakespeare’s “En Sommernachtsdroom” at the reopening of the Ohnsorg Theater in 2011. A very special connection: Axel Stosberg was an actor at the Ohnsorg Theater for a long time and accompanies the Writing competition therefore already 20 years. And he was also there for the writing competition at the Ohnsorg Theater. For example, in 2010 he was on stage at the “Vertell but mal” award ceremony in Hamburg and presented the third-placed story “En keddelig Saak” (a ticklish thing) by Volker Krüger from Bordelum. The motto at that time was: “Hartpuckern” (palpitations). The short story was about a boy who gets to know the difference between the sexes in the doctor game.

Very personally: what Santiano said about the motto “Op dat Leven!” occurs

Oops that life!” Dat is for me, if I can bless, what I finn, what I good heff heff so with de family. If you kriggst kinner and so, then there comes a new section in the lives. You have to give Levde, avoid power and that gives you ok en Barg power, because it says: Op dat Leven.

Oops that life!” It’s not that big of a tinsel. If you mean, that’s just the greatest moments, when we’re doing it, that’s just a few, because if you’re unlucky, you don’t have much joy in life. When we sing, we live that life, because we don’t just live that life, it’s ok, what can we possibly do that life is worth living?

Oops that life!” Yes, of course we can’t talk about life if we don’t have death in the back of our minds at the same time. I don’t want to throw out any empty phrases, there were very different clever minds, but the word life wouldn’t even exist without death. Our future is also shorter than our past, we go to funerals more often than to weddings. But we don’t get stuck, we celebrate life!

Participation is worthwhile

The 26 best stories will even be published as a book in June 2022 – to browse, put up or give away. If there is anything else to add to this “ambassador’s reception” in the Nordic cool sea air, then maybe this: It’s worth taking part! Prize money of more than 5,000 euros awaits the seven winners. In addition, the 26 best stories will be published as a book on June 19, 2022, just in time for the big closing event in Hamburg’s Ohnsorg Theater. This year there is again the “Ü 18” award – the “Ü” stands for “ünner”, so it addresses authors under the age of 18. NDR, Radio Bremen, the Ohnsorg Theater and also PNE AG, as supporters of the competition, agree with the closing words of the “Vertell but mal” ambassadors 2022: “We hope that a large number of you will take part. Write down your short stories, everything that you can think of. Anything to do with life. We have our fingers crossed for you and hope you’ll be there and that you win! Until then, Zack Ahoy!”

Here’s how you can participate

Participation is via the website www.ndr.de/vertelldochmal or by e-mail (vertell@ndr.de or vertell@radiobremen.de) by Monday, February 28, 2022 at 11:59 p.m, possible. Or you can send your short story to one of the following addresses (postmark counts):
NDR 1 Wave North, keyword “Vertell but times!”, Postfach 3480, 24033 Kiel;
NDR 1 Lower Saxony, keyword “Vertell but times!”, 30150 Hanover;
NDR 90.3, keyword “Vertell but times!”, 20149 Hamburg;
NDR 1 Radio MV, keyword “Vertell but times!”, Postfach 110144, 19001 Schwerin;
Radio Bremen, keyword “Vertell but mal!”, 28100 Bremen Further information Everything you need to know about our Low German writing competition can be read here in detail. more Further information We broadcast the gala for the award ceremony of the 33rd edition of the Low German writing competition. more Five men sing a mixture of shanty, folk song and Irish folk – and celebrate great success with it. But who are the shooting stars from northern Germany actually? more Hans-Timm “Timsen” Hinrichsen is the guitarist of the band Santiano. In an interview he talks about making music and the importance of happiness. more This topic in the program:

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