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Upcoming change to orbs outraged players

Upcoming change to orbs outraged players

In Destiny 2, Bungie released the first TWaB for 2022 with a brief overview of upcoming changes. However, one change will not be received positively at all, because it changes the mechanism of how you will generate Orbs of Light from now on.

What was published? In the first TWaB of 2022 some upcoming innovations regarding the “Witch Queen” expansion were published. You will expect changes to the armor in order to save safe slots so effectively. This allows you to change your elements with few resources and does not need a second copy of your outfit. Below you can expect the new DLC to unlock all artifact mods. In addition, the first 12 mods will be quickly unlockable like in Season 15. However, the remaining modifications require more XP. However, an innovation that is being introduced with regard to the light spheres is already encountering annoyed guardians. Since Bungie wanted to find a way to generate orbs for non-catalyst Exotic weapons, Masterwork weapons will no longer drop orbs.

Masterwork weapons become useless

What will the change look like? As Bungie has now revealed, Masterwork and Catalyst weapons will no longer generate Orbs of Light. New mods for the helmet of each class should now ensure that your weapons match the element of your mod and create spheres of light. So it no longer matters whether your weapon is a masterpiece or you own the catalyst. Weapons that you only used to generate orbs will become useless. In addition, you have to use up a mod socket to activate the said effect at all. A weapon with a golden border is a masterpiece.

Why is such a change coming? Destiny 2 has some Exos that don’t have a catalyst. This criterion causes some Wardens to refuse to equip certain exotics. To counteract this, Bungie wanted to provide a way for you to choose a weapon based on its stats and not a super regen effect. Possessing improvement materials also plays an important role in this. In Witch Queen you will be able to forge weapons yourself. So in order to use your resources wisely, Bungie takes away the reason for refining legendary weapons. So you save the materials and don’t use them for weapons that you’ll never use again after five minutes.

What are players saying? Players see the change as unnecessary as all Masterwork weapons become useless. On top of that, paying attention to the mods makes creating builds more complicated. Some users on reddit express their displeasure:

That’s the point. Triple nerf to charge with light, super regen, and ammo finders all at once. An intricate system with constraints coming upon constraints, which in turn come upon matching elemental affinities. It’s a headache just thinking about it. Now imagine actually interacting with the system. […] “I’ll switch to stomach growls quickly… crap, I need to change my helmet.” This is objectively the worst solution to a non-existent problem. reddit user doritos0192 on the issue

The YouTuber KackisHD even says in his video that Bungie has now rendered the weapons useless. There is also talk of a non-existent problem. Many players would have simply wished that the exos without a catalyst finally got one. Instead, a system that has worked since Destiny 1 is being modified and complicated. It is unclear how this will actually affect the game. What do you think of the change? Do you find them useful and will you use them, or are you skeptical and also think that your legendary weapons will become useless as a result? Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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