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Ukraine invasion by Russia? Secret US preparations leak out to protect Europe


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  • Created: 01/15/2022Updated: 01/15/2022, 3:11 p.m.By: Felix DurachShareA Ukrainian soldier stands at the dividing line with pro-Russian rebels in the Donetsk region. © Andriy Dubchak/dpa The conflicts between Ukraine and Russia seem to be getting worse. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg is concerned. The news ticker.

  • The conflict between Ukraine and Russia* seems to be getting worse.
  • The Biden government sees parallels to the Crimean crisis in the current developments and speaks of urban warfare (see first report).
  • NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated on Saturday that an agreement with Russia was a long way off (see update from January 15, 1:55 p.m.)
  • This news ticker is continuously updated.
  • Update from January 15, 2:55 p.m.: The US government has apparently dealt with an emergency gas supply for the EU in view of the worsening situation in eastern Ukraine. The EU gets about a third of its gas needs from Russia via pipelines. Should the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalate, at least a temporary suspension of gas supplies by Moscow would be conceivable. According to insiders, the US government has therefore sounded out emergency plans with several energy suppliers. Among other things, it should have been about capacities for higher delivery quantities and the postponement of maintenance work. However, the companies had also pointed out that a failure of larger gas supplies from Russia would be difficult to replace. The events of the USA also show the willingness to initiate sanctions against Moscow in the event of an escalation, which in turn could lead to a stop in gas supplies.

    Ukraine conflict: NATO and Russia ‘far apart’ in talks

    Update from January 15, 1:55 p.m.: NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed concern about the current developments in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Talks between Russia and NATO during the week did not bring any results. “They presented their security concerns, we presented our own fears. And we are far apart,” Stoltenberg told welt.de. The 62-year-old emphasized that the talks must be continued in future, especially in times of crisis like the current one. Stoltenberg described Ukraine as an important partner for NATO, but also emphasized that there was no obligation for NATO to leave Kiev in the event to support a Russian invasion. However, in an emergency, NATO will support Ukraine in its fundamental right to self-defense. “We – that means mainly the USA, Great Britain and Turkey – support the country with equipment and in terms of training. But Kiev is not a NATO partner. The obligation to defend all allies only applies to the real allies,” said the NATO Secretary General. However, they remain open to Kiev joining NATO.

    Ukraine conflict: situation continues to deteriorate – Moscow behind cyber attacks?

    First report from January 15: Kiev – With the ongoing conflicts between Russia and Ukraine, there is no prospect of relaxation at the weekend. A new level of escalation occurred on Friday night when a cyber attack of previously unknown origin paralyzed various Ukrainian government websites. According to the Tagesspiegel, the message: “Be afraid and expect the worst” was left on several pages. Even if there is no reliable information yet, the government in Moscow is suspected to be behind the attack. When asked on Friday whether Russia was responsible for the attack, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borell replied: “We have no evidence, but it is conceivable.”

    Ukraine conflict escalates: Kremlin defends itself against “unfounded statements” from Washington

    The US government also made serious allegations against Moscow and President Putin after the incidents, drawing parallels with Russia’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula in 2014 to conduct a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine,” US President Biden’s government spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in Washington DC. Moscow is pursuing a type of “urban warfare” in eastern Ukraine. However, the Kremlin dismissed the accusations from the West on Friday. “All of these statements have so far been unfounded and have not been confirmed by anything,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the state news agency TASS on Friday evening, referring to the allegations by the Biden administration. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had already reacted to the reports from Washington in a press conference on Friday and again asked NATO* to issue security guarantees to Russia. “You have to understand that the key to everything is the guarantee that NATO will not expand eastwards,” Lavrov said, adding: “We are at the end of our patience.”

    Ukraine conflict: Baerbock travels to the crisis area – Union expects “clear messages”

    Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock*, who sees herself confronted with a major task early in her first term in office, could now play a special role in the escalating conflict. The Greens politician announced on Friday that she would like to travel to eastern Ukraine with her French counterpart Jean Yves Le Drian. The Foreign Minister then wants to hold talks with the Ukrainian President Selenskyj in Kiev and then with the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov in Moscow. The aim is also to revive the Normandy format, in which Germany and France negotiate with Russia and Ukraine as mediators. Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock will travel to Ukraine and Russia for talks in the coming week. © Kay Nietfeld/dpa On Thursday, Baerbock called for “a role that is based on hardness, but also on dialogue”. “In relation to autocratic actors such as Russia and China, it is important that if Europe follows a common course and acts as one, it is a heavyweight – if it acts divided, it fights below its weight class,” said Foreign Minister. Green politician Jürgen Trittin spoke with a look on his party colleague’s trip abroad that there was no guarantee of success. “It remains to be seen whether the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is really interested in an exchange of views or whether he will only repeat known positions,” the 67-year-old told the editorial network Germany. The deputy head of the Union parliamentary group, Johann Wadephul (CDU), demanded “clear messages, a clear position and unmistakable announcements from the Foreign Minister, so that Russia initiates a course of de-escalation.” (fd) *Merkur.de is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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