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Twitch star Trymacs shows his YouTube income: “It’s absurd”

Twitch star Trymacs shows his YouTube income:

Twitch star Trymacs shared an intimate look at his Youtube earningsImage: Screenshot / Instagram / trymacsTwitch stars obviously introduce Life in the lap of luxury: The most popular network celebrities such as MontanaBlack, Jens “Knossi” Knossalla or Reved live in luxurious properties, build holiday apartments and have a decent fleet of vehicles to offer. That’s why the bills are a bit looser when it comes to branded clothes. For example, Monte regularly holds so-called shopping streams, where a sweater or pair of pants can sometimes cost four figures stars but nobly reserved when it came to their income. Parallel to the advertising revenue and donations on Twitch, a number of protagonists have also established a foothold on YouTube, where streaming highlights are published. On the video platform, income is calculated using the CPM, i.e. the cost-per-mille, in English: thousand-contact price. For every thousand clicks, Youtubers collect a certain price in euros, which can vary greatly from star to star.Trymacs, whose real name is Maximilian Stemmler, now stated in a stream how much he earned with his videos in 2021 and delivered his fans an accurate insight into his CPM. While doing his best to be humble, he earns far less than other influencers, a colleague and viewers unanimously discovered.

Trymacs shows what he earns from his videos

Trymacs itself is close to one billion views with its daily clips on YouTube, a significant milestone, as the 27-year-old notes. He first says of his income: “Of course it’s an incredible amount, there’s no question about it. It’s completely absurd.” His most successful video from the past year, a vlog apart from his core topic of gaming, collected 1.8 million views. With this he generated a decent monthly salary: “My CPM is well below Monte’s. There are completely different numbers. But I also upload it completely daily. In these eleven months, the video brought in a total of 6160 euros.”He also added a comparative value in the German influencer scene. Unge, who has been living in Madeira for a number of years, has a far higher CPM: “Of course, that’s a lot for the views, but with an unidentified person it would suddenly be 20,000 euros.”Trymacs’ second most successful clip collected at least 1.7 million views, so he still earned a proud 5210 euros. Another, which also brought in over 5000 euros, addressed how he gave his girlfriend her dream car. So with the sales from the clip, he left with a big minus. Elsewhere, however, the investment in the content is worthwhile again, for the second-best video he only spent 800 euros. The Youtuber Rewinside has already reacted to the salary information and commented on this topic: “You shouldn’t forget that it’s not just the video, it’s also an investment in the person and the content.” Finally, Rewi also offered an explanation for the comparatively low CPM of his colleague. This is related to the watch time of the videos and the age of the target group: “In general, older target groups are simply worth more money. Because the advertiser assumes that an older target group has more purchasing power. That makes sense. A younger target group does not bring in as much money.”

Twitch star would earn more with English videos

But that’s not all: With one post, Trymacs is also aware that the amount of revenue could make its fans go wild. It’s a seven-hour video of him just sleeping. Nothing exciting happens over this long clip period. Nevertheless, more than 800,000 saw it People So the Twitch star earned 2600 euros just by sleeping. “I told you, this will piss you off”, he responded to criticism in the chat. And Rewi also said: “That’s just bold, he’s right.” Max gave a final overview of his salary by showing that he earned a total of 593,000 euros with all published videos from the past year – gross. Since the beginning of his YouTube channel six years ago, it has been 1.6 million euros. His comment: “I can’t believe it myself, I never look at my statistics either.”Rewi proved him right once again when he realized that his videos would be much more profitable if they were in English: “Then it would be ten times as much. But I earn very well, no question about it.”, Trymacs concluded. (cfl)Sophia Thomalla always likes to try new looks, which she is currently proving impressively on Instagram: At the beginning of the year she showed herself with brown hair, she had said goodbye to her blonde strands. Now the 32-year-old was at the hairdresser again – and presented the result to her fans with a bold saying.

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