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The Settlers will be released on March 17th, closed beta in January

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Actually, the next part of the settlers, which should be inspired mainly by The Settlers 3 and The Settlers 4, should appear last year. But after the announcement of Gamescom 2019 and other bits of information that were published a little later, the title was suddenly postponed indefinitely – not a good sign for fans of the series. Now it should go very quickly. As Ubisoft announced on Thursday, the new part of the Settlers series will be released for the PC on March 17th, in about two months. Even the closed beta is supposed to start in January, and that already on January 20th, which means next Thursday. This will include the tutorial and two playable races as well as two maps, which you can try out for a total of four days. You will be able to play against the AI ​​or other players. The application is made directly via the settler website, whereby you have to decide between the Epic Games Store and uPlay. Typically, there will not be a Steam version. Almost 30 years after the debut of The Settlers, the new series part of the popular real-time strategy game is set to return to the PC. As usual, a group of settlers flee a military coup on their home island and embark on a journey into a medieval fantasy world to find a new home. They discover new islands, seek allies and fight against bandits. But what sounds like a successful reboot seems to be developing into a flop. The first reviews, including those from our colleagues at Gamestar and Golem, read anything but good. The new The Settlers will be available from March 17, 2022 in three different versions: the standard edition as a base game, the explorer edition for retail trade with physical and digital extras such as concept drawings or the soundtrack, and once as a deluxe edition with other digital extras that have not yet been specified.

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