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The most important questions and answers about Microsoft’s new operating system

The most important questions and answers about Microsoft's new operating system

Berlin. At 10, Microsoft wanted to stop counting. When it was presented in 2015, it sounded as if the operating system would be continuously developed, but the name Windows 10 would remain. But since October 5 at the latest, it has been clear: that was a misjudgment. Microsoft continues to count and now the successor is available with Windows 11. Not much will change for users, but they will have to get used to it. The most important questions and answers about the new Windows 11 at a glance:

When is the new Windows coming?

The new operating system has been available since October 5, 2021. However, Microsoft announced that the playout will be staggered. Older computers in particular will have to wait longer for Windows 11.

Is there a new design?

A new design awaits Windows users with Windows 11. Microsoft has banned the once controversial tiles and the new start menu opens in the middle because the start button has also moved to the middle of the taskbar. Rounded corners are particularly noticeable in the windows, everything looks airier. The Explorer file manager has been streamlined, and the settings have been pimped up. In addition, the system reports with new sounds, symbols and backgrounds.

And what about new features?

In addition to a fresh look, there are also extended functions. Widgets, i.e. small windows with news, the weather or other information, are new. Windows 10 also did not have the focus mode for undisturbed work without distractions, which can be activated in the clock app. Virtual desktops are also being introduced, with which different working environments can be implemented, for example for work and leisure, even with one monitor, and even with different backgrounds.

What are snap layouts?

Also new: snap layouts. This is a new grouping function that is intended to make it easier to work with many windows and programs while making optimal use of the display area. Arrangement suggestions appear as soon as you click on the maximize icon in the top right corner of a window. Once you have decided on a layout and distributed all windows accordingly on the screen, a snap group is created. And that can be conveniently minimized and maximized in its entirety.

Wasn’t there also talk of Android apps?

In fact, Android apps should also be searchable in the overhauled Microsoft Store, downloaded from the Amazon App Store and used under Windows 11. In terms of software integration, Microsoft is planning, among other things, the integration of the Xbox subscription Game Pass and the teams tools in Windows 11.

Is Windows 11 only for new computers?

However, Windows 11 should not only run on new devices, as some feared. If the technical requirements are met and the latest Windows 10 version is installed, Windows 11 will be offered. However, not necessarily immediately on October 5th. The update will be distributed gradually. This can take weeks, if not months. Impatient people can also check manually from time to time whether Windows 11 is already available for them under “Settings/Windows Update/Check for updates”.

Will Windows 11 be free?

Switchers pay nothing, switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is free. Only those who buy a new computer with Windows 11 pay a certain sum of the purchase price for the license. And if you buy a new computer without an operating system and want Windows 11, you must of course buy a license.

Are older Windows programs running?

As a rule, older programs also run on Windows 11. According to Microsoft, it adheres to the “central design principle of app compatibility”. In short: What ran under Windows 10, 8 or 7 also runs under Windows 11.

Will my computer get Windows 11 now?

It depends. Microsoft has specified minimum technical requirements that a system must meet – otherwise the setup wizard will abort the installation. Compared to Windows 10, the requirements have increased significantly. In particular, a comparatively new processor is required. Important: According to Microsoft, if you want to install and set up the home version of Windows 11, you can only do this when you are logged in with a Microsoft account. Without an account, it is officially only possible in the Pro version.

Can I check whether my computer meets the Microsoft criteria before attempting an installation?

You can use test programs to check whether your computer meets the Microsoft criteria. Windows’ own “PC Health Check” is currently being revised. But you can also simply use the freeware “WhyNotWin11”, which shows very clearly whether and why an update might not be possible.

What if my machine isn’t ready or I don’t want Windows 11 at all?

If the computer is not ready for the update or you do not want it, nothing will happen at first. Windows 11 does not install itself automatically. And you can continue to use Windows 10 as usual. But at some point support for Windows 10 will also expire, according to the current timetable in October 2025. Use beyond this point in time would be an incalculable risk, because Microsoft would then no longer provide security updates – at least not free of charge for private customers.

When will new devices be available with Windows 11?

Anyone waiting for new devices with Windows 11 can be happy: Lenovo has announced the 1.1 kilogram, 14-inch notebook Yoga Slim 7 Carbon with OLED display (from 1100 euros) for November. And Asus’ Zenbook 14X OLED with 16:10 HDR display (from 1300 euros) should be released in 2021. Of course, the very first Windows 11 computer that you can buy comes from Microsoft itself: the new Surface tablet Go 3 (from 440 euros) was released on October 5, like the new operating system. The Surface 8 Pro followed in the same month (from 1180 euros). And Microsoft has announced the flexible Surface Laptop Studio with Windows 11 for early 2022: Its 14.4-inch touchscreen is attached to a special hinge so that the device can be folded into notebook, presentation and tablet mode.

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