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The day on Saturday, January 15, 2022

The day on Saturday, January 15, 2022

holds up! Just drop by in January! (Photo: picture alliance / SvenSimon) No alcohol in January? Several associations for people at risk of addiction and those suffering from addiction in Germany are in favor of “Dry January” – but still see room for improvement. Basically, the social media trend, the origins of which are believed to be in Great Britain, is good food for thought. However, the call to drink less should not only refer to one month, the AWO Federal Association points out. The road to alcohol addiction is often insidious, emphasized Jürgen Naundorff from the Blue Cross addiction aid association. For him, the so-called dry January is more than just a month without beer, wine and Co.: “It’s the “TÜV” for my handling of alcohol. What happens to me, what does it do to me, what do I realize? ” The Blue Cross has big plans for the coming year: “We want to bring “Dry January” 2023 to Germany.” According to Naundorff, talks are already being held with possible cooperation partners. According to Andreas Heinz from the Berlin Charité, the short-term reduction is already a relief for organs such as the liver. “But if you don’t change anything big in the long term, it’s actually only temporary help, but not a long-term effect,” says the director of the clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy . “You’re often surprised that it’s a lot more than you thought,” says Heinz. How much everyone can drink also varies according to gender: “Drink 0.1 liters of wine per day for a female and 0.2 liters for a male and then two days a week,” according to the doctor’s recommendation.

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