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Tank hammer in the neighboring country: Here it will soon be really cheap at the pump – economy

Tank hammer in the neighboring country: Here it will soon be really cheap at the pump - economy

– In Germany, fuel prices continue to rise or stagnate at a high level. Drivers in Germany have to pay EUR 1.60 to EUR 1.80 for a liter of Super. It will soon be much cheaper in a neighboring German country – will tank tourism flourish again as a result? Starting February 1, Poland will temporarily lower the tax rate on fuel. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in Warsaw on Tuesday that the regulation, which is intended to mitigate the consequences of inflation for consumers, will apply for a period of six months.

Fuel price drops by 15 cents per liter

A reduction in the VAT rate for petrol and diesel fuel from the current 23 to 8 percent is planned. Morawiecki said the government estimates that this will cause the price of fuel to drop by the equivalent of up to 15 cents per liter. Thanks to the reduction in the tax on petrol and diesel, fuel tourism in Poland could soon increase again. This is the assumption of the North-East Association of Garages and Petrol Stations. Association chairman Hans-Joachim Rühlemann predicts to RTL News: “Anyone who can, who is in the mood, will go to Poland.”

Significant price difference at the pump

Gas station owners on the German side fear a sharp drop in sales, because more and more people from Berlin would also make a trip to the neighboring country. According to the ADAC, a liter of Super currently costs 1.31 euros there, diesel only 1.32 euros. With the tax cut, the price for Super would then only be around 1.09 euros, while drivers in this country pay 1.60 euros to 1.80 euros for a liter of Super – depending on the time and gas station. The diesel price in Swiss francs is between 1.50 euros and 1.60 euros.

For example, refueling a VW Golf with a volume of 55 liters in Poland from February 1 would only cost around 60 euros, while in Germany you would have to pay around 90 euros (calculated at 1.65 euros per liter). In an Audi Q5 with a tank volume of 75 liters, for example, the difference is even greater: in Poland, a full tank would cost around 82 euros, in Germany around 123 euros (calculated with 1.65 euros per liter of petrol). That makes a difference of 41 euros per tank of fuel. The government in Warsaw reacted to the sharp rise in inflation with a temporary reduction in VAT. According to the Central Statistics Office, the inflation rate in December was 8.6 percent compared to the same period last year.

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