Home Business & Finance Stock market: Slight losses for the Nasdaq 100 – 01/13/22 – News

Stock market: Slight losses for the Nasdaq 100 – 01/13/22 – News

Stock market: Slight losses for the Nasdaq 100 - 01/13/22 - News

Thursday, 01/13/2022 8:05 p.m. from ARIVA.DE | Views: 235 A Candlestick Chart Comparison (icon image). Trade pixabay.com Paccar shares permanently for 0 euros! Now on Smartbroker.de The Nasdaq 100 (Nasdaq 100) is currently recording slight price losses. The selection index fell slightly by 1.51 percent. The stock exchange participants on the stock exchanges on the other side of the Atlantic are currently rather pessimistic. The Nasdaq 100 was temporarily in the red with a minus of 1.51 percent. The new level for the index: 15,666 points.

These shares can currently increase

Among the stocks in the index, the shares of Biogen, Paccar and Lam Research performed well. The largest price increase is for the Biogen paper. It rose by 4.93 percent compared to the last course of the previous day. The stock is currently priced at $236.46. Biogen Idec Inc. Paccar’s share price has also increased recently. Price increase compared to the closing price of the previous day: 3.31 percent. The stock is currently valued at $95.60 on the stock market. Lam Research shares are in third place in the index ranking with a value increase of 2.63 percent. The security is currently priced at $704.40.

These are the tail lights in the Nasdaq 100

The stocks of Zscaler, JDcom and Peloton Interactive are currently at the bottom of the Nasdaq 100 ranking. Zscaler’s paper fared the worst. Zscaler shares were last listed at $257.26. This corresponds to a minus of 6.10 percent. The price of JDcom shares (ADR) has also fallen. It is down 5.92 percent. JDcom’s paper was last listed at $71.88. Peloton Interactive stock is currently down 5.80 percent. The stock was last listed at $32.49. Looking at the current calendar year, the Nasdaq 100 has further worsened its already negative interim result. Discount since the beginning of the year: 4.45 percent. The Nasdaq 100 technology index has existed since 1985 and reflects developments on the US Nasdaq stock exchange in New York. It includes the 100 largest Nasdaq stocks by market capitalization, but excludes financial stocks. The Nasdaq 100 Index is calculated as a pure price index without taking dividend payments into account. Read more This text was standardized by ARIVA.DE. advertising

further down?

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