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Stadia: Google’s game platform as a white label product is already there – is already used by the first title

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Google has been pursuing the plan for some time, the gaming platform stages into a white space offering that opens up completely new possibilities and could put the product on a stable footing in the long term. In fact, this is not just a dream of the future, but has long been a reality. The first game using the Stadia infrastructure is now available to play. Unfortunately not in this country.

A few days ago I reported here in the blog about the future of Stadia, which is not based on speculation on my part, but on strong facts: Google is actively looking for employees for Stadia’s B2B area, and has been talking about it for a long time very often ” Partners” and has also repeatedly mentioned “white label” in job offers and outlined corresponding plans. Of course they didn’t go into detail, but the direction is clear. Stadia will almost certainly remain as the end product, but commercially the white label platform will likely play the bigger role. This means that the entire Stadia infrastructure will be opened up to partners who will allow their users to play their own titles. It can be about individual games, entire gaming platforms or perhaps solutions integrated into other environments. One could say that Google Stadia should become the service provider for cloud gaming. Stadia has been used as such a platform since October last year, without Google or its partners mentioning it: the game Batman: Arkham Knight can be played in the browser without installation, with the connection to the Google servers being established in the background. One speaks of a beta stage, but leaves further details open.

Unfortunately, the game is only available to AT&T US users who can play it for free after entering their credentials. I think that this is a goodie for the users and at the same time ensures that the rush is limited so that the platform can be tested and further developed in peace. The game isn’t officially available on Stadia, but it’s still running on Google’s gaming platform servers. We can be curious what this year will bring for Stadia and whether Google will officially present and implement the major conversions or additions.

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