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Shazam: recognize music in the browser – Apple launches new Chrome extension with Apple Music connection

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It doesn’t happen that often that Apple offers an app for a Google platform – but now it’s that time again: Music recognition from has been available for a few days Shazam as a Chrome extension and offers the well-known service of music recognition – including connection to Apple Music. After brief initial difficulties, it works without any problems and could be quickly replicated by Google.

The basic function of Shazam should be familiar to many people, because the app made the genre of music recognition popular: Simply hold your smartphone in front of the loudspeaker for a few seconds and you will find out the title and artist. Shazam has been owned by Apple for a number of years, and similar services are available from multiple platforms – including Google for a very long time. Even the voice search had a music function back then, later it was the Google Assistant and today, among other things, the background recognition on the Pixel smartphones. A few days ago, Apple released Shazam as a Chrome extension and got off to a rocky start: The installation numbers quickly went into the six-digit range, but the app didn’t work. It was withdrawn a few hours later, only to return again mid-week. Now it should be offered permanently and the problems are fixed. At least in my tests, the extension worked smoothly and without errors. And this is how it works: The extension puts the Shazam button in an overlay that is activated once by pressing the icon. Then simply press the button and the music playing in the current tab (!) will be evaluated. The evaluation of background tabs or local music is not possible. The latter, however, if you play this local music directly in the browser.

As usual, you will get a result after a few seconds: title, artist and in many cases the single cover. In addition, you will receive information on how often this song has already been recognized by Shazam. If you like it, you can listen to the song in its entirety on Apple Music – which of course requires an appropriate subscription and cannot be done easily. And with that, Apple creates a strong advertising space for Apple Music, which sometimes feels like it flies under the radar despite a very high market share. And now one may wonder why Google doesn’t offer something like this. Chrome has had a media center including control options for a long time. The browser can also provide information about current music and videos. Google has the corresponding recognition functions ready and would only have to tap into it. Then a link to YouTube Music and you would have done something similar to Apple – and then without any extensions. My prediction: Google will offer something like this this year. » Android: Google rails against Apple’s rejection of RCS for iMessage – the golden cage will probably remain
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