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School start in the Omikron wave: how are the students doing? | NDR.de – News – Schleswig-Holstein

 School start in the Omikron wave: how are the students doing?  |  NDR.de - News - Schleswig-Holstein

As of: 01/14/2022 2:38 p.m. First quick test, then Schiller. For Schleswig-Holstein’s schoolchildren, the new year began with classes with the highest incidence. What thoughts and feelings did that trigger? We asked around. Hundreds of disco visitors in Schleswig-Holstein found out how quickly the omicron variant of the corona virus can spread. They got infected at parties around Christmas. After that, the incidence in the country skyrocketed – the values ​​were higher than ever. Ironically, at the peak of this omicron wave, school lessons began for tens of thousands of schoolchildren in the new year. How did the student representatives of the Heinrich-Heine-Gemeinschaftsschule in Büdelsdorf perceive the start of school?

Happy reunion and quarantine fear

Further information The corona quarantine rules are to be further simplified. There are already adapted rules for the schools. more “You went to school happy, of course, because you see your friends again. But on the other hand, of course, you were also anxious,” says student Mia Fiss. “You knew there were a lot of people partying and at school you’re in a small space with a lot of people.” In order to reduce the risk of infection in the classroom and to prevent a large omicron outbreak, the Ministry of Education in Kiel has ordered three quick tests a week, among other things. The schools reported a total of 585,000 tests to the ministry in the first week of school in 2022. Of these, 1,850 tests were positive for students, and 100 for teachers tested positive. Those affected then had to go to the PCR test and, if the worst came to the worst, also in isolation.

Going to class with a bad feeling

Having to isolate is a bad idea for many students, also because they are worried about their loved ones. “For example, my parents are self-employed,” says Karlotta Overath. “You don’t know what the quarantine will be like either. Whether you’ll be taught or not. You’ll be gone for 14 days and that’s awesome at first.” Student representative Florian Rose in conversation with NDR Schleswig-Holstein More and more students have to experience this. More than 3,200 students were in isolation at the end of this week, according to figures from the Department of Education. Then there are the contact persons. “There are also some of my friends who had to be isolated even though they were vaccinated,” says Florian Rose. However, there are not so many fundamental discussions in the classes about who has been vaccinated and who has not. “I think testing is important at our age, that everyone does it. However, we are all still minors and at the age of 18 you should deal intensively with the vaccination.” Until then, in his opinion, the students would still have a puppy protection.

Leisure without freedom

What cannot wait that long is the youth of the students, who are now in their third year of Corona. “Adolescence is unique and important and it suffers extremely,” says Florian Rose. “Just going to the cinema or eating out, you have to plan it very carefully and you don’t have the spontaneity that we used to have anymore.” Further information With the new Corona regulation, the state has also introduced further restrictions – for example for events and sports. more Mia Fiß feels the same way. First of all, there is always the question of whether someone has already been tested, maybe even vaccinated or already boosted. Meetings with several friends at the same time are unthinkable at the moment: “I don’t even remember when I last met more than one person because that’s too insecure for us,” says Mia Fiß.

Increased media literacy among students and teachers

One impression of the students remains: Even in the third year of Corona, students and teachers often have to improvise, but they are getting better and better at it. Over time, everyone would have gained a great deal of media competence: “In the beginning, many teachers didn’t even know how to deal with homeschooling and how to upload tasks online,” says Florian Rose. “We now have teachers who upload a YouTube video before an exam or hold an online consultation.” The students have repurposed their own communication channels. While they used to use the Discord communication platform primarily for group chats about online video games, today they would use it to organize projects and help each other with homework. Further information Pupils should also be able to take their Abitur and other qualifications this year. There are reliefs because of Corona. more Here you will find videos, information and background information on the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus in Schleswig-Holstein. more This topic in the program:

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