Home Entertainment Sandra reciprocates Juliano’s “Temptation Island” declaration of love

Sandra reciprocates Juliano’s “Temptation Island” declaration of love

Sandra reciprocates Juliano's

Those are great feelings! Sandra Janina (22) and Juliano Fernández wanted at Temptation Island VIP find out if their relationship has a future – the Are You The One?-Beau didn’t know if he actually loved his partner. In the foreign flirt format, Juliano then realized that he was the blonde misses and loves. Lo and behold: Sandra feels the same for Juliano! At the campfire, the beauty did not see any negative scenes – on the contrary. When Sandra saw on the screen how Juliano says he loves her, she was speechless at first – but then she couldn’t help but smile. She feels the same way, but hasn’t yet dared to confess her feelings to him: “I just don’t want to tell him that first. He feels everything I do – even if I’m just talking about an apartment – he feels under pressure.” Sandra was visibly surprised by the confession of love. “I might have expected to be missed now, but not that he says he loves me now,” the influencer was happy about her partner’s sweet words “Temptation Island VIP” since November 11th RTL+AdvertisementSandra Janina and Juliano Fernandez, “Temptation Island VIP” coupleAdvertisementJuliano Fernandez and Sandra JaninaAdvertisementSandra Janina and Juliano FernandezVoteView result
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