Home Technology Reckoning is a new MMORPG from Disney

Reckoning is a new MMORPG from Disney

Reckoning is a new MMORPG from Disney

Disney has announced a new avatar game in partnership with Chinese software giant Tencent. The MMORPG will feature single-player, multi-player, and co-op content, and will be playable on iOS and Android. We at MeinMMO summarize.

What is known so far? Very little yet. We know that the new MMORPG will be called Avatar: Reckoning and will offer both single and multiplayer content. The game is being developed by Archosaur Games, which is also based in China and is best known for the titles World of Kings and Dragon Raja. There isn’t much of the new Avatar game to see yet, apart from a single piece of artwork, which doesn’t show any game graphics yet. In addition, Reckoning should not only be an MMORPG, but also bring shooter content. The game is supposed to be an MMO RPG shooter game, as the developers call it on the website.

Where can you gamble? According to the game’s website, Avatar: Reckoning will only be released for iOS and Android devices for the time being. We don’t know yet whether there will be crossplay between the two mobile devices. It is also currently not known whether the title can be played in the original or via detours on the PC. It is conceivable that the title could also be playable on PC through a technology such as Google Play Games.

when can you play This is also currently not known. The only thing that is certain is that the MMORPG with the blue warriors should appear in 2022. You can currently subscribe to a newsletter via the official website. Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether there will be a beta beforehand. However, that would be a good way to try out the game before it’s released. Also still unknown is the business model of the title and whether it should be released in Europe at all. The first artwork for the new Avatar game

Community reacts rather mixed

What problems do people see? In a reddit thread on the subject, the mood is currently relatively mixed. Some people look forward to more than just a new Avatar game coming out. However, other users see a problem in playing a shooter MMORPG on their smartphone. Many fans are also bothered by the partnership with the controversial Tencent group. Most recently, the group launched a technology that forbids all Chinese under 18s to gamble at night and was heavily criticized for it.

What are the fans saying? In order to give you an understanding of the mood in the thread, we would like to give you some comments from the community (via reddit).

  • British_Commie writes: “It looks a bit like Disney is trying to promote their new Avatar movie on all sorts of levels. I think as the year progresses we can’t ignore Avatar as a franchise and I can’t wait for that!”
  • Bloodblade is skeptical and says: “MMO..mobile..shooter..? Sort of like Destiny 2 only on mobile I guess? I’ll at least try it.”
  • Sea_Blacksmith writes: “As hyped as I am about finally shooting RDA solates, I really don’t want to play a shooter on a mobile phone.”
  • What do you think of the announcement? Will you try the game when it comes out or do you feel like some comments on reddit and don’t feel like a mobile shooter? But are you really looking forward to it, because this could be a really good mobile MMO? Write it to us in the comments here at MeinMMO. Avatar: Reckoning isn’t the only Avatar game we might see this year: All About Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora.

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