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PS2 and PS3 classics on the new console? Sony patent gives hope

 PS2 and PS3 classics on the new console?  Sony patent gives hope

Updated on 01/14/2022 at 13:53

  • A new Sony patent is dedicated to backwards compatibility.
  • It should enable the playback of old PlayStation classics on the PS5.
  • Rumor has it that Sony is also planning to introduce a new subscription – comparable to Microsoft’s successful Xbox Game Pass.
  • More gaming news can be found hereA new patent filed by Playstation chief developer Mark Cerny is fueling the rumor mill: entitled “Backward Compatibility Through Use Of Spoof Clock And Fine Grain Frequency Control”, it explains how adjusting the clock rate (about a processors) older applications can be made to run on new hardware. Nothing groundbreaking, but the term “backward compatibility” – in German: downward compatibility – makes PlayStation fans prick up their ears. The PlayStation5 is capable of playing PS4 titles. However, games from older console generations cannot be used without further ado due to the completely different system architectures. If Sony were now able to get PS3, PS2 and PSOne classics up and running on the PS5 without too much effort, that shouldn’t be of interest to the nostalgic. It would also catch up with the Xbox competition, which has backwards compatibility was an important selling point from the start.

    Is Sony planning an Xbox Game Pass clone with Project Spartacus?

    In addition, the submitted patent fuels rumors about “Project Spartacus”. It is said to be a game subscription, comparable to Micrsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox and PC service, which costs around 13 euros a month, already includes over 200 titles, and the more than 30 million subscribers can now even see new releases 1 download at no extra charge and is considered Microsoft’s greatest asset in the battle of consoles. According to leaks, Sony wants to announce the game subscription in spring 2022. It would join the existing offerings:

  • PlayStation Plus (about 9 euros per month) is required to play online. In addition, there are always (older) free games to download.
  • PlayStation Now (about 10 euros per month), on the other hand, is a streaming service that allows older PS titles to be used. A fast internet connection required.
  • An expansion and bundling of the services into an all-encompassing subscription package, as Microsoft has already done with its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, would be appropriate. © 1&1 Mail & Media/teleschau

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