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Prices on the Russian stock market collapse

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RDX Russian Depositary – WKN: A0JZHY – ISIN: AT0000634076 – price: 1,834.91 $ (TTMzero indication) Here is an overview of Russian stocks that I monitor on Guidants. Red signs across the board. The background to this is the break-up of talks between Russia and NATO about the situation in Ukraine. RDX – the leading Russian index has been correcting steeply downwards since the end of October last year. I do not like the course of the price since June 2021 in terms of chart technology. A bearish SKS trend reversal pattern has formed. The black horizontal support line at 1,808 points is the neckline of this SKS. If the index falls below 1,800 points, it may trigger another downward correction. Definitely a clear one. I want to work down but not with forecast arrows. Too many factors are currently playing an important role in the correction phase. Western European and US oil stocks are currently rising. The Russian counterparts, on the other hand, are weakening. The geopolitical background is obvious. In this respect, the specific news situation regarding the conflict will continue to be important. Simply register for free: 53,727 active investors are following me on Guidants and there is a good reason for that: https://go.guidants.com/de/#c /harald_weygandRDX Russian Depositary(© GodmodeTrader 2022 – Author: Harald Weygand, Head of Trading)

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