Home Health Presumed-dead sex offender exposed in Covid ward

Presumed-dead sex offender exposed in Covid ward

Presumed-dead sex offender exposed in Covid ward

Two years ago he faked his death, now it turns out: A fugitive sex offender is still alive. Because he was seriously ill with Covid-19, he was transferred to a Scottish hospital. A wanted sex offender has been arrested in Scotland for faking his own death two years ago. As the US newspaper “The Providence Journal” reports, Nicholas Alahverdian was admitted to a hospital in Glasgow because of a severe course of Covid 19. The suspect was put on a ventilator. The nursing staff identified him using photos. He is accused of sexual assault, molestation and possible kidnapping between 2007 and 2019. According to court documents, Alahverdian was convicted of two sex offenses in 2008. The DNA evidence in the first case was only added to a national DNA database in 2017. A year later, DNA from a recent sexual assault in Utah was found to match that of Alahverdian, the Utah County Attorney’s Office said, according to the Providence Journal.

Alaverdian obituary published

Investigators then found that Alahverdian had fled the country to avoid prosecution. He tried to fool investigators and lawmakers in other states into believing he was dead, prosecutors said. At the end of 2019, the 34-year-old told the media that he had cancer and only had a few weeks to live. A little later, an obituary was published in the “Providence Journal”. A condolence message from a congressman also circulated. Alahverdian himself says he was a victim of abuse in foster families in Rhode Island as a child. He had worked as a youth in the US House of Representatives. The police had doubted the suspect’s death and continued to search for him. His wife at the time could not produce a death certificate and had claimed that there had been a burial at sea.

Eight different names used

Alahverdian meanwhile lived under the name Arthur Knight in Scotland. The Utah County Attorney’s Office said Wednesday that Alahverdian has been arrested and is working with national and international authorities to extradite him to the state of Utah, the Providence Journal reports. In the prosecutor’s statement, Alahverdian is referred to as Nicholas Rossi. He is said to have used at least eight different names.

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