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Popular Rush mode returns alongside other modes

Battlefield 2042: Steam ratings continue to decline

01/14/2022 at 12:41 p.m. by Oliver Jäger – The Rush mode has returned to the featured playlist. The developers recently announced this via Twitter. In addition to Rush, the new mode “Run.Stop.Kill.Repeat” has been added, as well as Conquest of Ages. In addition, the weekly challenges should be more difficult. Rush is back in the Battlefield 2042/Portal Featured Playlist! Via Twitter the developers announced the good news and referred to other modes that can be found in the featured playlist: Conquest of Ages is said to be alongside the return of Rush and the new addition “Run.Stop.Kill.Repeat” be playable there. The latter is a free-for-all mode for 32 players (first to 15) with classes from Battlefield 1942. The weapon sets are random and the maps are from the Battlefield parts 1942 , Bad Company 2, 3 and 2042. The mode is scheduled to remain in place until January 20. Recommended Editorial ContentHere you can find external content from [PLATTFORM]. To protect your personal data, external links are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on “Load all external content”:Load all external contentI agree that external content is displayed to me. Personal data is thus transmitted to third-party platforms. More on this in our privacy policy. In addition, DICE according to a fan account on Twitter to bring more variety and difficulty to the weekly challenges. For now though, they want to stay as they are as they want to bring new players on board and make sure everyone has a chance based on skill level, busy lifestyle etc.

Incomprehension about the former Rush dismissal

Rush was a very popular mode in Battlefield 2042 (buy now €47.99), which is why the developers even extended its duration. Despite this, they removed it from the featured playlist and replaced it with two other modes. Many players could not understand this step, especially in view of the ever-declining number of users, who are now said to have slipped below 10,000 – a new negative record. Also interesting: Battlefield 2042: Internal mails leaked, soon fewer players than Battlefield 1? For comparison: Battlefield 5 is currently said to have significantly more active players (around 20,000). Battlefield 2042 is even – as far as the number of players is concerned – on the level of Battlefield 1, which was not particularly well received by the fans. In addition, the new lead developer had said that the community could be heard loud and clear. 13:19
Battlefield 2042: Tech check in video with benchmarks Advertisement: Order Battlefield 2042 now from Amazon
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