Home Politics Omikron: Which rapid tests detect variants? list should help

Omikron: Which rapid tests detect variants? list should help

 Omikron: Which rapid tests detect variants?  list should help


Which rapid tests recognize Omikron? list should help

Updated: 14-01-2022, 16:11 | Reading time: 2 minutes Things to watch out for when carrying out self-tests Things to watch out for when carrying out self-tests With the help of corona self-tests, people can be tested conveniently from home without having to drive to a test center. But some mistakes can happen. Show description Omicron is spreading rapidly in Germany. But which quick tests recognize the variant? A list should help with the selection. Berlin.

  • Doubly vaccinated people only have access to restaurants, for example, with rapid corona tests
  • However, the rapid tests often do not detect an infection with the omicron variant
  • In the future, a list will show which rapid tests can recognize Omikron
  • Omicron captured Germany. The highly contagious corona variant is now predominant in this country and is causing an explosive increase in new infections. It is all the more important to have one infection early detection to avoid infecting other people. PCR tests are the most reliable and should be used for corona symptoms, but also to ensure a positive rapid test. But the sample has to be processed in the laboratory. The result is often days in coming. rapid tests can be evaluated on site in a short time. Politicians rely on them in many areas in which the 2G plus rule is applied.

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    All the best from Berlin in a newsletter – good news every week But which antigen rapid tests detect the Omicron variant particularly well? The offer is large, the quality varies. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) has therefore commissioned the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) to carry out a corresponding list to create. what is known so far.

    Omikron: That’s how reliable rapid tests are

    Even if the creation of the test list will take some time: The PEI has already established that 80 percent of the rapid antigen tests examined “were able to reliably detect the omicron variant”, according to a spokesman for the Ministry of Health. The tests do not offer 100% certainty, but they do offer “more safety in everyday life”. PEI President Klaus Cichutek said in the ZDF “Morgenmagazin” that overall in Germany “a higher level is now the order of the day test security” has been achieved. The available tests are “suitable for detecting people with a high viral load”. At the same time, false-positive test results are “virtually impossible”.

    List: Which tests detect Omicron?

    The virologist Sandra Ciesek has already given information in advance which antigen tests recognize Omikron. Her colleague Isabella Eckerle also tweeted the corresponding results. This results in the following list of rapid test manufacturers:

  • Siemens
  • Roche
  • Flowflex
  • Abbott
  • Acon Biotech
  • Premier Medical Corporation
  • CTK Biotech
  • Until the list commissioned by Lauterbach is available, PEI President Cichutek also recommends using an older overview of the institute. Because even before the Omikron variant, the PEI had more than 250 tests evaluated. Pharmacies and rapid test centers are already based on this list, as are other providers of self-tests such as supermarkets or discounters. (afp/jtb)

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