Home Health Omikron hotspot Bremen announces Luca app – “Not much added value”

Omikron hotspot Bremen announces Luca app – “Not much added value”

Omikron hotspot Bremen announces Luca app -

“Please check in with Luca”: This sentence will soon no longer be used in Bremen. The federal state no longer wants to use the app for contact tracing. The federal state of Bremen will terminate the Luca app for tracing contacts in the corona pandemic at the end of February. This was announced by Health Senator Claudia Bernhard (left) on Friday. “Using the Luca app didn’t show much added value in contact tracing last year,” she said. “In Bremen, only a few inquiries were made by the health department, and the system has therefore not proven itself for us.” Bremen paid 216,000 euros from state funds to use the app. In Bremen, the focus when tracking contacts is currently on close contacts, on families, circles of friends, the workplace or on physical services, said Bernhard. The transferability is greatest there, the health department treats the contacts in such groups as a priority. In principle, Bremen adheres to the legal basis for contact tracing. “Among other things, the guest Bremen app is available for this purpose, and the Corona warning app can also be used”. Other countries are also considering phasing out the app, Schleswig-Holstein has already decided this. In the smallest federal state, the health department only asked for data ten times.

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