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Omicron wave hits Germany: These are the 30 biggest hotspots


The Omicron wave overruns Germany. The incidence figures continue to rise every day. On Friday, the Robert Koch Institute reported another record: over 90,000 new infections within one day. Here you can find out where the corona hotspots are in Germany. In Germany one record is chasing the next, because the number of new infections is increasing every day due to the omicron wave. It was not until Wednesday that the Robert Koch Institute reported a new record of over 80,000 new infections. Just two days later, the threshold of 90,000 new infections was exceeded. The seven-day incidence in Germany also peaked at 470.6. For comparison: the day before the value was 427.7. A week ago, the nationwide incidence was 303.4 (previous month: 375.0). The omicron wave causes alarming highs – and is already preparing two German districts for a seven-day incidence of over 1500. FOCUS Online gives an overview of which 30 districts in Germany are new corona hotspots. You can also search for your home district in the table.

Omicron wave in Germany: These are the 30 largest corona hotspots

High incidences make contact tracing impossible

The virologist Klaus Stöhr believes that contact tracing to combat the corona pandemic in Germany no longer makes sense. “We need an exit plan,” he said in a podcast by “Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger” and editorial network Germany (RND). “I can’t tell you why you should still do contact tracing in Germany. In terms of incidence, the health authorities can no longer cope with it.” Stöhr confirmed: “If a large part of the population is mildly and asymptomatically infected and has antibodies, it will a so-called contact-tracing quarantine is pointless. The best way out of the pandemic would be: first get vaccinated and then get infected.” In the “package” there will then be long-lasting immune protection.

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