Home Politics Nightly curfews for unvaccinated people in BW – SWR Aktuell

Nightly curfews for unvaccinated people in BW – SWR Aktuell

Nightly curfews for unvaccinated people in BW - SWR Aktuell

From this Saturday onwards, night-time exit restrictions will again apply in several urban and rural districts in Baden-Württemberg. The reason is the increased corona numbers. For those who are not immunized, there are exit restrictions at night in some places in Baden-Württemberg from Saturday. According to the authorities on Friday, the background is that the seven-day incidence of new infections in the respective areas exceeded 500 per 100,000 inhabitants twice in a row.

Stricter measures needed

According to the country’s Corona Ordinance, stricter measures are required in the affected region to fight the pandemic until the numbers are below the limit for five consecutive days.

The exit restrictions apply between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. for the unvaccinated and those who have not recovered. There are exceptions if there are valid reasons such as work or visiting life partners.

Where do the exit restrictions apply?

Cities, among others, are newly affected Manheim, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg and Ulm as well as the counties Biberach, Rastatt, Ravensburg, Waldshut and Black Forest Baar. In Freiburg, on the other hand, these rules have been in effect since Tuesday.

Nationwide incidence continues to rise

The number of corona infections had not only increased in the past few days in the regions of the night curfew – after more than a month, the nationwide seven-day incidence has also climbed back above the 500 mark. On Friday, the state health office in Stuttgart announced that in the past seven days, 519.4 people per 100,000 inhabitants had been proven to be infected with the corona virus (as of 4 p.m.). The value was last over 500 on December 8th. The statewide hospitalization incidence remained at 3.1, according to the agency. It stands for the number of corona infected people per 100,000 inhabitants who are admitted to clinics within a week. The number of Covid 19 patients in intensive care units in Baden-Württemberg fell by six to 372 within one day. A week ago there were 441 people. 30 more people – and thus 13,415 people since the beginning of the pandemic – have died in Baden-Württemberg in connection with Covid-19.

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