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New Corona rules Brandenburg: 2G+ in gastronomy, compulsory testing in daycare, FFP2 masks – this is the new regulation

New Corona rules Brandenburg: 2G+ in gastronomy, compulsory testing in daycare, FFP2 masks - this is the new regulation

In Brandenburg, on Friday, January 14th, the new Corona measures decided in the cabinet. The cabinet has reached an agreement on the new rules. At a press conference at 2.30 p.m. Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) presented the results of a special cabinet meeting. He spoke of a “tense calm” in Brandenburg. The rules would have to remain strict in order to be prepared for the Omicron wave. There had previously been disagreement within the government: Should 2G+ really come to Brandenburg?

  • What are the planned new measures?
  • When should they rules grasp?
  • Where does it apply? FFP2 mask requirement?
  • From when does it apply? testing obligation in daycare?
  • Corona rules in Brandenburg: This is planned

    The Brandenburg state government agreed on one on Friday nationwide special route with the 2G Plus regulation in the catering trade. In the future, this will only apply if the hospitalization rate nationwide exceeds a bed occupancy rate of six percent of the clinic capacities with corona patients or more than ten percent of the intensive care beds are occupied by corona patients. The CDU had campaigned for this with a view to the situation in the catering industry and pushed for regulations as to when the usual 2G restrictions can be returned to. At a cabinet meeting on January 14th, the state government agreed on a new regulation . away Monday January 17th should it come into effect. The new rules are:

  • For the Gastronomy, bars and pubs should the 2G Plus rule apply when bed occupancy is high
  • If the situation at the hospitals is in the green zone, the following applies in gastronomy 2G
  • In the future are in public transport FFP2 masks required.
  • From February 7th applies in day care centers a mandatory test twice a week
  • private gatherings even those who have been fully vaccinated/recovered (2G) are limited to 10 people
  • Unvaccinated people are only allowed to meet with their own household and two people from another household (excluding children up to 14).
  • clubs and discos (“Dance revelries”) remain closed
  • nationwide 2G for cultural and leisure activities
  • The quarantine should be adjusted. You can read more about this here
  • New regulation: 2G in the restaurant under certain conditions

    Before the next special meeting of the cabinet on January 14, the co-governing CDU faction expressed skepticism about 2G Plus in the catering trade. CDU parliamentary group leader Jan Redmann had warned that the 2G-plus rule was a threat to the existence of many restaurateurs. For this reason, the CDU wanted the 2G+ rule to be linked to more than just the incidences in the country. The ordinance explicitly states what counts as gastronomy: “To the restaurants and comparable facilities, in which the 2G Plus rule applies, restaurants in leisure facilities such as animal parks and fun baths. Excluded from the 2G Plus rule in the catering trade are restaurants that only offer prepared food or drinks to take away and do not provide any storage or seating, restaurants in the itinerant trade, canteens, canteens for employees as well as rest areas and truck stops on motorways .” Hotels and other accommodation establishments count not to.

    2G+ in gastronomy: what does that mean?

    2G Plus basically means: 2G plus test. Doubly vaccinated and those who have recovered need an additional test to gain access. A quick test is sufficient, but it must be carried out under supervision. It must not be older than 24 hours. There are exceptions for boosted: These tests are not required for anyone who has a booster vaccination. So far, the 2G rule has applied in Brandenburg – i.e. vaccinated and recovered people are allowed to eat in restaurants and shop in retail stores. There are exceptions for children:

  • children under six years do not need a 2G proof
  • Vaccinated and recovered children Under 18s need proof of 2G but no additional test
  • Unvaccinated children and adolescents under 18 years need a daily updated test. If this was carried out in school, this is sufficient.
  • Corona test obligation for day care centers – Brandenburg has new corona rules for schools and day care centers

    In Brandenburg apply soon new corona rules for school and daycare. New corona rules were not only decided for the schools in the state, new measures will soon also apply to the very little ones. There will be one in the future testing obligation on the corona virus in the day-care centers in the country. Twice a week, a negative proof must be provided by a corona test of the child to be cared for. The new measure will apply for the time being from 07.02. until 02/13/2022. An overview of the measures taken by the Ministry of Education.

    FFP2 mask requirement: Exceptions for children under the age of 14

    From 17 January in Brandenburg, it will be compulsory to wear one on buses and trains FFP2 mask. Prime Minister Woidke justified this by saying that these masks provide better protection against omicrons and that it only makes sense because this regulation already applies in Berlin. Berlin and Brandenburg have a common transport network, which is why common rules make sense in this area Children under 14 years old the FFP2 mask requirement does not apply. You must continue to wear a medical mask (surgical mask). Children under the age of six are completely exempt from the mask requirement. More information on the subject of mask requirements and FFP masks can be found here:

    Corona in Brandenburg: Incidence is increasing again

    The corona virus continues to spread in Brandenburg. In the past seven days have been in the country 503.3 new infections per 100,000 people reported, as the Robert Koch Institute announced on Friday. A week ago it was 441.9. The institute gave the nationwide average of the seven-day incidence on Friday at 470.6. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 268,143 infections have been recorded in Brandenburg. The virus is currently particularly widespread in districts that border Berlin. The corona numbers there had recently risen sharply.

    Corona bed occupancy Brandenburg: That’s what the traffic light says

    The 2G Plus rule in gastronomy is the Corona warning light tied. The situation in the hospitals plays a role, whether 2G or 2G+ applies. When the traffic light is green, those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered have access to the catering trade without a test. The corona traffic light was introduced last year. There are three values: The hospitalization incidence, the intensive care bed occupancy and the seven-day incidence.If the hospitalization rate is below 6, it is in the green zone. If the intensive care bed occupancy is below 10 percent, it is also green. The 7-day incidence is green if the value is less than 100. The state government only wants to take into account the hospitalization rate and ITS occupancy in the 2G Plus rule. If both values ​​are in the green area, 2G+ does not have to apply in the catering trade. Currently (January 14), the situation in the Brandenburg hospitals is as follows:

  • Hospitalization incidence: 2.9
  • Intensive care bed occupancy: 16.1 percent
  • Specifically, this means: From Monday, January 17th, 2G+ will apply in the catering trade in Brandenburg, because one of the important values ​​is well above the threshold. However, since the trend is still falling, it could be that the ITS load will soon fall below 10. Only then would 2G apply in the restaurant.

    Uniform corona rules: Woidke comments on District Administrator Gernot Schmidt

    Dietmar Woidke has called on the municipalities to implement the Corona rules uniformly. “We are a country in which the same rules should apply as far as possible. I’m firmly convinced of that,” said Woidke on Friday in Potsdam. “I don’t think that would be expedient if we had different regulations from district to district at the district level.” He was reacting at a press conference to a question about a statement by the District Administrator of Märkisch-Oderland, Gernot Schmidt (SPD).Schmidt had told Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB) on Tuesday that the district administration would not currently pursue any violations of protests against corona measures. For example, it is about the Mask requirement. He referred to the personnel situation in the administration and to the fact that the fight against the pandemic is currently a priority. Schmidt holds the Measures against demo participants also for excessive. Interior Minister Michael Stübgen (CDU) said that the district administrator had announced in a letter to the police inspectorate that the district was currently not in a position to immediately investigate such complaints. “But that does not mean in any way that he has declared (…) that he will not pursue these administrative offense reports.” This could also happen later, up to the expiry of a deadline. Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens) announced that she wanted to call the district administrator soon.

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