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New Corona regulation in force: winter rest extended | NDR.de – News

 New Corona regulation in force: winter rest extended |  NDR.de - News

Status: 01/15/2022 07:39 a.m. A new corona regulation has come into force in Lower Saxony. This provides for relaxation, but in some areas the rules have also become stricter. The hibernation is extended.

  • The hibernation with warning level 3 lasts until February 2nd
  • FFP2 masks are compulsory for demonstrations
  • There are only exceptions to contact restrictions up to and including 13 years of age
  • The requirements for funerals are relaxed
  • It started as a so-called Christmas and New Year’s rest, was then extended until January 15th and now the special rules of Lower Saxony will remain in place as winter rest until February 2nd. This means: Warning level 3 still applies with some additional regulations. Stricter contact restrictions apply. In addition, dance events are prohibited, discotheques and clubs are closed. Government spokeswoman Anke Pörksen assumes that the hibernation will not end on February 2 either, “because the number of infections is increasing significantly”. Downloads The current ordinance for download. It came into effect on January 15th and is valid until February 2nd. Download (298KB)

    FFP2 mandatory at demonstrations

    There are new requirements for meetings: After numerous municipalities have already made the FFP2 mask compulsory at demonstrations, this applies nationwide with the new regulation. This should ensure more clarity and even greater dissemination. According to the state government, this obligation also applies to unregistered meetings. Videos 2 min Many children and young people have to be tested until January 31st. And: Good experiences with tests in day-care centers. (01/14/2022) 2 mins

    Meetings are counted from the age of 14

    Students who are not fully vaccinated or have recovered must test themselves daily through January 31. In addition, Lower Saxony is lowering the minimum age from which the corona contact restrictions apply. Previously, 14-year-olds were not counted at meetings, now this only applies to a maximum of 13-year-olds. Those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered can meet with up to nine other people. Anyone who is neither vaccinated nor recovered may only meet two other people from another household in addition to their own household. In addition to the children, caregivers of people in need of care are not counted. Further information The state of Lower Saxony recommends avoiding PCR tests if possible. But how reliable are the rapid tests? (01/14/2022) more

    Funerals: relaxation for the unvaccinated

    The adapted Corona regulation also brings with it some loosening. This is how the shortened quarantine decided by the federal and state governments is implemented. In addition, the rules for secular funerals are less strict: For the unvaccinated, there is an exception to the restriction to meetings with a maximum of two people from another household. “Funerals, even if they are not religious in character, are privileged so that people can say goodbye to the dead and mourn together with the appropriate precautions,” said government spokeswoman Poerksen. But that only applies to the official funeral service and the walk to the grave, not for a subsequent get-together, for example in a restaurant or café. According to Poerksen, the 3G rule applies to non-religious funeral services, so that vaccinated, recovered or tested people can take part. Downloads The state government has created graphics to illustrate the Corona rules. You can download them here. downloaded ()

    Religious and secular: differences disappear

    This eliminates the different treatment of non-religious and religious funerals. In the case of church or religious burials, there are no national restrictions due to freedom of religion, but rather the regulations of the respective church or religious community.

    State elections: Facilitation for party meetings

    The ordinance also provides for new regulations with regard to the state elections in October. When it comes to the ban on meetings in closed rooms with more than 500 participants, there are exceptions for parties and voter groups that want to nominate candidates for the election. Further information For Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD), “an important milestone” in the fight against the Omicron variant has been reached. (01/14/2022) more

    Because: “Hope that we got over the worst at Easter”

    Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) thanked the people in Lower Saxony who have “lived more or less calmly with very clear contact restrictions and other protective measures” since Christmas. The fact that the situation in Lower Saxony has so far been better than in many other federal states is due to the level-headedness of the people and the “comparatively large” willingness to vaccinate. “I therefore ask all citizens to continue to behave prudently and responsibly,” said Weil. “We hope that by Easter we will have overcome the worst.” Further information The RKI reports 6,457 new infections. Further values ​​such as the hospitalization rate can be found here. more How many new infections are there? How is the situation in the clinics? What is the vaccination rate? Which rules apply? more Passengers in taxis and on ferries now also need the safe mask as corona protection. More news in the NDR.de live ticker. more Here you can read and listen to all the episodes that have been broadcast so far, as well as a scientific glossary and much more. more Further information Are the infection numbers falling further? You can access the current corona numbers for your region on the NDR.de website. Just enter your zip code. more Corona in Lower Saxony – Current reports This topic in the program:

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