Home Technology Mozilla releases Firefox 96.0.1

Mozilla releases Firefox 96.0.1

Mozilla releases Firefox 96.0.1

Mozilla released an out-of-order update for its desktop browser with Firefox 96.0.1.

Download Mozilla Firefox 96.0.1
Yesterday morning there was a temporary failure of Firefox for numerous users. The reason for this was a bug in Firefox’s HTTP/3 implementation that had existed for some time but was previously unknown and was triggered by a configuration change by an external hosting service provider. Since Mozilla uses this service provider for load balancing one of its services, the problem could potentially occur for any user as soon as Firefox connected to them. However, calling up a corresponding website could also trigger the problem, as a result of which Firefox got into an endless loop and was no longer able to answer website requests. The configuration change made by the external service provider was reversed about an hour after the first report to Mozilla, because yesterday at about 10:20 a.m. the problem disappeared just as suddenly as it had come. At the latest after a restart of Firefox, Mozilla’s browser worked again for affected users. With Firefox 96.0.1, Mozilla fixed the bug in Firefox code that caused this problem. Mozilla is already working on a further improvement for an upcoming update, so that Firefox does not get caught in an endless loop even with such an error. Also, with Firefox 96.0.1, Mozilla fixed the problem where the browser on Windows no longer honored the exceptions when using the option to use the system’s proxy settings.

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