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Michael Schanze: The nation’s plopper turns 75 – folks

Michael Schanze: The nation's plopper turns 75 - folks

He has sung, chatted, acted, and won awards in entertainment (Three Times “Bambi”). Michael Schanze turns 75 on Saturday – and still has a dream… The entertainer to BILD: “I want to sit in the theater audience in London’s West End and my music sounds.”BILD: What are the chances?jump: “The prerequisite is there. I’ve just received the English version of my Bambi musical. I already have Heidi’s. It all depends on Corona now.” Michael Schanze with his partner Uschi KöhlPhoto: Ursula Düren/dpa

The virus stopped her performances in the theater. Now you have more time for your second passion – cooking.jump: “The kitchen is my favorite place. I like to eat a fine fish, but also a hearty knuckle of pork. Since Uschi, who had a catering service in Cologne, came to Munich to see me, my skills are no longer in demand. I went from chef to pen.”Uschi Köhl – that’s love with over 30 years of experience.jump: “Uschi was responsible for the costumes on the Telezirkus show at the end of the 80s. At that time I was still happy with Monika, Uschi with her partner. From 2014 we got closer. The run-up is important, as we know from ski jumping. I’m still climbing.” Michael Schanze 1974 with Roy Black in the ZDF show “Would you have time for me today?” Photo: picture-alliance / dpa

Are you still thinking about the unexpected separation from your wife Monika, whom you married in 1980?jump: “Yes. That was a dramatic turning point in my life. Moni met a man on a golf trip in Italy in 1995. Lightning struck her and she was gone.”
They went into hiding for a year after that.jump: “There are a few people who claim that the breakup was good for me. I was a man with all-round care and could only take care of my job. It wasn’t until 2000, after the divorce, that I became a little fit for everyday life.” Michael Schanze always had a particularly good connection with childrenPhoto: Stefan Hesse/dpa

Your voluntary TV-Aus was 22 years ago. Are you still asked about your children’s show “1, 2 or 3 und den Plopp”?jump: “Again and again. Inconceivably. The taxi driver greets me with a pop. At the dentist, a man told me he always wanted to be a camera kid. I was called the ‘plopper of the nation’ everywhere.”Is it true that “Honeymoon” was supposed to be rebooted in 2000 after a five-year hiatus?
jump: “Yes. Dieter Pröttel offered me the show again, but shortly after my divorce an evening with young bridal couples would not have been right.”
Then in 2003 came another setback. An accident changed her daily life.
jump: “I broke a vertebra while skiing on the Wildkogel. Was on sick leave for half a year. I was permanently condemned to immobility and couldn’t get back on track.”After that things went uphill – with the weight. Today the scale shows over 100 kilos.jump: “Yes. I could no longer practice my beloved sport. Went wide. I took advantage of the 16:9 format. But the weight also had an advantage. I got my chances at the theater. Directors no longer saw me as a critter, but as a man. I received the audience award in Bad Hersfeld for the role of Tevje in Anatevka. That was a quantum leap in my career.” Michael Schanze can also get something good out of his kilosPhoto: picture alliance / Geisler-Fotop

It threatened to end in 2019 with a pulmonary embolism.jump: “I had blood in my handkerchief. I went to the hospital and only when a nurse told me after the treatment that my life was in danger did I realize that I almost said goodbye.”Looking back at 75.?jump: “In all phases of life I was able to do what fulfilled me the most. I couldn’t have made a better decision.”

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