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“Marriage at first sight”-Philipp argues with Mel about his son


at Philip and Melissa After the breakup, things seem to be anything but harmonious. A few weeks ago the former gave Marriage at first sight-Candidates admit that their relationship has no future – but they still want to stick together as parents for their little son. But that doesn’t seem to work particularly well. Philipp revealed a few days ago that he always sees his child for eight hours on Saturdays. But that’s him too little. Now Melissa got in touch and sparked a new argument! In her Instagram story, the glasses wearer announced that little Muck, as she lovingly calls her son, is also spending the day with his dad. She explained why he never stayed with him by saying that he still too young may be. “With one you don’t have to go somewhere for the weekend and especially not if the other party doesn’t have a permanent address,” emphasized Melissa. That will change at some point – but at the moment it is the best solution. Philipp was quite annoyed. “It was said today that I don’t have a permanent address. That’s a lie and it’s kind of damaging to my reputation. Where I live, I have a changing table, toys and a place to sleep for little Muck,” said the Hamburger. He would think it would be nice if his son stayed with him, but Melissa would put obstacles in his way first look”-Philipp with his sonVoteShow result
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