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Marlene Lufen: 25 years “SAT.1 breakfast television” – that was her biggest failure

 SAT.1 presenter Marlene Lufen: 25 years of breakfast television!  That's how she changed

Marlene Lufen (51) is an integral part of the morning show SAT.1 “Frühstücksfernsehen”. She began her work there 25 years ago and, with one interruption, is still part of the show’s permanent team of presenters. In addition, she presents Jochen Schropp (43) also the reality show “Celebrity Big Brother”. At BUNTE.de, Marlene Lufen reveals how much sleep she still needs and how she has mastered her TV job over the years as a mother. From her marriage to her ARD colleague Claus Lufen (55), from whom she has now separated after around 22 years, she has two children. She is one of the most popular faces of SAT.1 “breakfast television” – see in the video above how Marlene Lufen has changed in 25 years.

Marlene Lufen: “When it comes to sleep, I don’t go crazy anymore”

BUNTE.de: Congratulations on your anniversary on SAT.1 “Breakfast TV”! How often have you wished during this time that you could finally sleep in regularly again?Marlene Lufen: I think I’ve forgotten how to sleep late. Definitely the sleeping-till-the-doll. I don’t need that much sleep and when I do, my body gets it when it gets it. Especially when it comes to sleep I don’t freak out anymore and that’s the best advice I can give! I’ve done the funniest, best shows with two hours of sleep and I’ve been really bad with eight hours (laughs). If you can’t fall asleep, relax, read a book until your eyes close. Whatever sleep is left over is enough to get you through the day.Can you say what was the biggest glitch that happened to you on camera while watching breakfast TV in 25 years?I had to wave my colleagues over because I was laughing and couldn’t speak anymore. Once I wanted to interview a guest and realized that it was different than I thought. This one was on a completely different subject and I didn’t even know its name. Everything has already happened, everything has been sorted out. In the end, what counts is that you are human. And at least afterwards something to laugh about!You said you have a very close bond with many of your colleagues, almost a kind of love. Can you explain that a little more?We spend a lot of time with the people we work with, no matter what their job. I know that many consider it advisable to strictly separate private life and work. I see it differently. It is a great happiness when you work with people you like to be around. And you can do a lot to ensure that the chemistry is right. I’ve become softer and more benevolent throughout my life, and I’ve found that to be a good thing. Then many wonderful things happen! She also shared this intimate relationship and friendship with her long-time colleague Jan Hahn († 47), who died of cancer last May. How are you today with the heavy loss? It’s very difficult for me to talk about it, so I don’t want to say anything about it. I ask for understanding.

Marlene Lufen is behind her corona video, which has been clicked millions of times

Your Instagram video about the consequences you feared of the corona lockdown on children, among other things, caused a stir last year, was viewed millions of times and met with positive as well as negative reactions. Would you publish it the same way again today?I know that I spoke from the soul of very, very many people and although I was also eyed critically in the media – in addition to the tens of thousands of positive comments – I am very glad that I addressed the problems at this point in time. Because it was an icebreaker, after that the ‘side effects’ of the measures were reported more honestly. At least questions were asked. I would blame myself today if I hadn’t spoken up then.How long do you think you will stay with breakfast television?I love what I do there, now more than ever. That’s why I haven’t given it a single thought. It comes on its own when I think it’s enough. (laughs)You have managed to reconcile this job with these working hours with your role as a mother of two children who are now “grown up”. How tiring was that sometimes? It was an organizational challenge, but my family and I managed really well. My children may have become a little more independent as a result and have received a natural picture of the fact that mom and dad both work and still both lovingly take care of homework, lunch, reading, sports and everything else. I can only say that it worked very well.Could you imagine moving into the “Celebrity Big Brother” container yourself?Theoretically yes, I love this show! But at the moment I’m still needed at the moderation desk.

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