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Luxury Alarm – The broadcaster spared no expense

Luxury Alarm - The broadcaster spared no expense

Before long, they’ll have to settle for beans and still water. But now the candidates of this year’s jungle camp are still enjoying the luxury. The broadcaster spared no expense. Photo series with 12 pictures It starts in less than a week: Then Lucas Cordalis, Tina Ruland, Eric Stehfest, Linda Nobat and Co. put on the jungle clothes and together in the brand new jungle camp move from South Africa. They are all part of the 15th season of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”. the RTL-Show starts on January 21st. For about a week, this year’s candidates have been staying near the Indian Ocean in summer temperatures. Before they head to Swadini National Park on the Blyde River Canyon to survive disgust tests and campfire talks, they enjoy the last few moments of rest and relaxation. And that’s exactly why RTL let it rip.

In the video: luxury to lull the stars?

Luxury lodges, pools with heavenly views and lavishly furnished apartments are currently lulling the stars into safety. In the video you can see how deep RTL has digged into its pocket to accommodate the B and C celebrities.

For a candidate, this luxury stage ended prematurely. Christin Okpara was sent home, Jasmin Herren now took over for her. As t-online learned from production circles, Okpara had “inconsistencies” in the vaccination status based on a test result. The candidate underwent a PCR test in South Africa, but the laboratory noticed that the antibody values ​​were far too low. Because that did not match their specified proof of immunity, they separated from the influencer.

The vaccination whirl around Christin Okpara

Her contract was terminated immediately. RTL confirms this on t-online demand. Will Okpara receive a default fee? The broadcaster did not want to comment on this. “We generally do not comment on contract details,” it says.

One thing is certain: the matter will now become a criminal matter. Christin Okpara is under investigation. Whether they own theirs vaccination card falsified must first be cleared up. At this point in time, this is still unclear and the task of the judiciary. The only thing that is clear is that you are spared the horror in the jungle camp – but also the luxurious advantages that the candidates now enjoy in advance.

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