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Left-wing presidential candidate draws parallels to the Nazi era when it comes to poverty

Left-wing presidential candidate draws parallels to the Nazi era when it comes to poverty

Presidential candidate Gerhard Tauber will also speak at the political start of the year for the left.+++ 12.15 p.m.: The left candidate for the office of Federal President, Gerhard Trabert, drew a parallel to the persecution of Jews during the Nazi era with regard to the social exclusion of poor and refugee people. At the digital start of the year for the left, the social physician quoted a Jewish youth who died in 1945 in the Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp. In his diary, the boy complained that society ignored the fate of the Jews. Trabert said: “Why this quote? Just as many Germans knew back then what was happening to the Jews, today we know what is happening to refugees in the Mediterranean, in Libyan and Syrian camps. We know how poverty is increasing, we know about the increased death rate of poor people here in Germany too. Comparing the richest with the poorest quarter, poor women die 4.4 and poor men 8.6 years earlier. It’s all a scandal.” The causes lie in economic, social, trade and foreign policy. “We must not stop naming this, this form of structural violence,” said Trabert.

Political start of the year for the left

Update from Saturday, January 15th, 2022, 8.50 a.m.: On Saturday (from 10.00 a.m.) the left is holding its political start to the year. At the digital rally, the two chairmen, Susanne Hennig-Wellsow and Janine Wissler, want to present a thesis paper on the socio-ecological restructuring of the economy and society. In the text entitled “For a Left Transformation. Social and climate-friendly”, the party announces a tough argument with the new government. With the paper, the top left wants to get out of the political defensive that the party has been on since the defeat in the federal elections. She had only reached 4.9 percent, in the polls she is currently barely above it. Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, Left party leader, and Sahra Wagenknecht disagree on the subject of corona vaccination.© Martin Schutt/dpa

Wagenknecht splits the left – dispute with her party continues

First report: Berlin/Saarbrücken – After the miserable performance in the 2021 federal election, many members of the left are hoping for a realignment of the party. However, internal conflicts make this difficult. The focus is particularly on Sahra Wagenknecht, who repeatedly draws attention to herself with statements on corona politics. She described the corona measures in the Bundestag that have been in force since Wednesday (January 12, 2022) as “unconstitutional. “In Germany there is a party Die Linke, next to it – so it seems – a politically independent and independent unit of the left faction and in it Wagenknecht. That’s what makes many members so ‘tired’”, Benjamin-Immanuel Hoff, head of the Thuringian State Chancellery, reacted in one tweet to Wagenknecht’s statement. “Mourning” is a word coined by social media and describes a mixture of tired and angry.

Die Linke: Sahra Wagenknecht is arousing displeasure in her party with Corona statements

Hoff is not the only one on the left who is bothered by Sahra Wagenknecht’s statements. If the party continues like this, it will no longer get 4.9 percent in the next federal election in 2025, as it did in the 2021 election, but only 3 percent, a leading left representative of the Berlin state association told the editorial network Germany (RND). 2G and 2G Plus are not about protection against infections, but about exclusion, Sahra Wagenknecht claimed on Friday (01/14/2022) on Twitter. In November 2021, Wagenknecht positioned herself as a vaccine skeptic and stated that she had no confidence in the “novel vaccines”. She also took part in the controversial video campaign “#allesaufdentisch”, where she declared that she did not want to live in a “health dictatorship”. With her statements on the corona vaccinations, Sahra Wagenknecht opposed internal party decisions by the left, as party leader Susanne Hennig-Wellsow then explained and clarified that Wagenknecht had no “leading or democratically legitimate role in the federal mind” and insofar it was clear that she did not , but the party chairmen speak for the party and the group chairmen for the group.

Sahra Wagenknecht and Lafontaine offend with their positions within the left

Wagenknecht’s husband Oskar Lafontaine, who is the parliamentary group leader of the left in the Saarland state parliament, also caused resentment within the left with his statements on Corona policy. He also took part in the video campaign #allesaufdentisch and complained about the “exclusion of the unvaccinated” and a narrowing of the corridor of opinion. He believed in vaccination, he told the RND, but the main expectation of herd immunity was not met. Lafontaine is convinced that criticism of the corona measures should not be left to the AfD alone. However, dealing with the corona virus is not the only topic on which the duo is causing displeasure on the left. In 2021 Wagenknecht published her book “The Self-Righteous”, in which she settled accounts with supposed “lifestyle leftists”. “Identity Politics” criticized and lamented that the “big social questions” were being lost. She also attacked the “Fridays for Future” movement. Shortly thereafter, Sahra Wagenknecht defended Tübingen Mayor Boris Palmer (Greens) after racist statements. When it comes to dealing with refugees, Wagenknecht also takes different positions than her party. The left-wing member of the Bundestag spoke of “uncontrolled immigration” and “limits to the willingness of the population to accept them” and called for labor migration to be limited in order to protect against “dumping competition”. Statements of this kind led to a party expulsion procedure against Sahra Wagenknecht. (Max Schaefer)

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