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Laura Dahm: The fastest possible surgery! “I almost couldn’t have had children”

 Laura Dahm: The fastest possible surgery!

Reported last Thursday VOX-Moderator Laura Dahm (35) on her Instagram channel from the hospital. In her story she seemed a little upset, but relieved. In an interview with RTL, she explained why she had to undergo surgery and can now look happily into the future.

Presenter Laura Dahm suffered from myoma

The reason for her hospitalization was abdominal surgery. A few years ago, Laura was diagnosed with a fibroid, as she reveals to RTL: “It was said that it could stay in if it didn’t grow. So it was observed, and when it grew from five to six centimeters in a month last fall is, it was said that it must be taken out as soon as possible.” Fibroids are benign growths in the muscular layer of the uterus. Fortunately, the 35-year-old didn’t have any symptoms, but she is glad that the benign tumor has now been removed: “If I hadn’t had it removed now, in the worst case the whole thing would have happened uterus removed had to be, and I could not have had children. “Despite great fear of the operation and her very first general anesthetic at the age of 35, Laura had the operation. The pain was too great.”Prominent“Not the presenter:” The fibroid was on the uterus and was taken out with four small cuts in the navel and in the groin area.” In the meantime, she has been released from the hospital and now has to take it easy.

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