Home Politics JVA Essen: Prisoner fled when going to the clinic toilet

JVA Essen: Prisoner fled when going to the clinic toilet

JVA Essen: Prisoner fled when going to the clinic toilet

Meal. In Essen, a prisoner on remand (25) managed to escape from a patient’s room. He was still not caught on Friday morning. One day after a prisoner successfully escaped from a hospital in Essen, the police are still looking for the criminal. The man, who has been in custody in Essen prison since November 20, has not yet been recaptured. Here is a video on the subject. On Thursday (January 13) he fled from a patient room at the Huyssensstift in Essen-Huttrop. The details are currently being determined, reports Marc Marin, spokesman for the Essen JVA, on Friday afternoon. The only thing that is certain so far is that the prisoner escaped while going to the toilet. “The interim accommodation of a prisoner in a foreign facility always poses a particular challenge for surveillance,” says Marin, who by no means wants to downplay the man’s escape: “Something like this must not happen.” “The prisoner does not pose any danger “said police spokeswoman Kristin von der Mosel on Thursday. As reported by the Essen JVA, the man is a 25-year-old who is being held in custody for the Oberhausen District Court on suspicion of fraud in the Essen JVA.

Prisoner escapes from the hospital – according to the JVA, the man is considered “inconspicuous”

At the time of the escape, the man was being treated in the hospital for inpatient treatment. From the JVA it is said that the prisoner is considered “until now unremarkable”. When the man’s disappearance was noticed, an “immediate hot pursuit” by Essen prison staff was unsuccessful. The police were informed immediately. The fugitive was housed in the prison hospital in Fröndenberg until January 6th. After his stay there, he was transferred to the Huyssensstift in Essen-Huttrop for treatment. “It’s not uncommon,” says Marin.

Prisoner fled while going to the toilet

According to information from the Ministry of Justice to members of the legal committee of the state parliament, the man had fled while going to the toilet. He slipped away from the two officers who were guarding him, the ministry said. We’re updating this article. Knowing what’s happening in Essen every day: Here for free WAZ food-Sign up for newsletter! More articles from this category can be found here: Essen

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