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Jungle camp 2022: THIS is what stars like Playmate Janina Youssefian pack in their suitcases – TV – jungle camp

Jungle camp 2022: THIS is what stars like Playmate Janina Youssefian pack in their suitcases - TV - jungle camp

I pack my suitcase – and show it in BILD!The jungle camp candidates are all pitched in South Africa. “Carpet sluts” Janina Youssefian (39) & Co. are only allowed to take two luxury items into the camp itself. Nevertheless, the luxury spoiled B to Z celebrities have – let’s call it – “extended” the definition of “packing light” …Youssefian and Co. show here what they took with them to survive both the phase before the start of shooting and the camp. ► Janina Youssefian became known as the “carpet slut” by pop titan Dieter Bohlen (67). Today she prefers to take care of her hairstyle.Janina to BILD: “It is most important to me that I have my own hairbrush with me. The others will definitely be full of cockroaches and other critters over time, I think that’s terrible.”
► Actress Tina Ruland (55, “Manta Manta”) says: “I’m still considering whether I’d rather stay in the camp for a long time or for a short time. And I’m equipped for both cases.” Because if she’s eliminated early, she needs more clothes because the eliminated candidates are also waiting for the final on site. Tina Ruland relies on colorful clothesPhoto: private “I packed mostly colorful clothes because I’m really into it. Diving goggles and my straw sun hat are also a must. The goggles may come across as strange in South Africa – but I always travel with diving goggles. I also have my small shoulder bag from a New Zealand artist – everything you need every day fits in there.” ► GZSZ star Eric Stehfest (32) has special luggage: “I have a suitcase full of milk powder and diapers.” Because: His wife and their two small children are also at the start. “The whole space is needed for the kids, less for me,” says Stehfest with a laugh.

Tara Tabitha likes airy summer dressesPhoto: private ► The self-proclaimed sex bomb Tara Tabitha (28, “Ex On The Beach”) does not want to do without a small tool even in the jungle: “Most of all I will miss make-up and champagne in there. But I will bring a brush because of the extensions and a pillow with a lot of photos of my friends and my dogs and a few sayings and such.” By the time she moves in, her closet will be full of various clothes. She says: “I never know exactly what I want to wear in the morning.” She definitely has enough choice in her lodge.

… and she can pack up again

Candidate Christin Okpara flew to South Africa, but is not allowed to move into the jungle camp Photo: private Thursday morning, TV star Christin Okpara (25, “Are You The One”) posed happily with her suitcase for BILD in her lodge. She to BILD: “I packed a lot of great clothes to get through the quarantine well and take nice photos for social media and capture unique experiences. I packed a lot of summer dresses and designer clothes – I want to look good. I’m the queen – and the queen needs three suitcases to make me look befitting.”
Shortly thereafter came the surprise Jungle camp-off for Christin Okpara. The reason, according to RTL: “disagreements in the vaccination status”. BILD learned: She is said to have falsified her vaccination certificate, which was noticed in an antibody test. Okpara himself did not want to comment on this when asked by BILD.Jasmin Herren (43, widow of Willi Herren) takes her place.

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