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It is still too early to give the all-clear

It is still too early to give the all-clear

Clinic does not expect collapse

Will Omicron be the key to returning to normal? Despite the increasing number of cases, the hope of an end to the state of emergency is growing in the Karlsruhe Municipal Clinic. After the quiet holidays, more patients are expected in the Covid wards at the Städtisches Klinikum. Photo: Fabian Strauch/dpa Despite the sharp increase in incidence, clinic director Franz Kehl sees no reason to panic in the coming days. “Everything indicates that omicron leads to significantly fewer serious illnesses and hospital stays,” says the head of intensive care at the Municipal Clinic in Karlsruhe. “And that’s why you can imagine that the fifth wave can also be managed.” Seven patients are currently being treated in the hospital’s Covid intensive care area, three of them on ventilation. 17 patients are currently being cared for in the Covid normal ward.

However, Kehl would like to give the all-clear at the end of January at the earliest. “Then we will have enough knowledge of how Omikron has affected England and northern Germany,” emphasizes the intensive care physician. In the northern federal states and in Great Britain, the number of omicron cases is already significantly higher than in Baden-Württemberg. Because the previous corona waves usually arrived at the hospitals with a delay of a few weeks, the situation in regions and countries that were more affected must be monitored very closely and conclusions drawn on this basis for further strategies in the fight against the pandemic, says Kehl. “But in any case, omicron will also spread by leaps and bounds in Karlsruhe.” On Friday, the 7-day incidence in the city district rose to 547 and in the district to 400.

Quiet turn of the year on Corona stations

During the holidays, the clinic staff had some opportunity to breathe deeply with significantly low incidences and comparatively low utilization on the Covid wards. “But fewer Covid cases do not mean less work,” Kehl clarifies. The basic load in a hospital always remains the same, instead of Covid patients, people with other diseases are given medical care. Kehl and nursing director Elvira Schneider are particularly concerned about the tense personnel situation. 164 nurses are currently absent due to illness or quarantine. “We would like to provide more intensive care beds, but that’s not possible with our staffing levels,” says Kehl. However, at least one additional Covid station will have to be set up in the coming weeks.

Working hygiene concepts within the clinic are therefore particularly important. “We cannot allow infections to be passed on within the clinic,” emphasizes Kehl. So far, most of those affected have been infected with Corona in their private lives. The clinic puts the proportion of immunized employees at over 90 percent, and 63 percent of the workforce say they have already received a booster vaccination.

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