Home Entertainment Is his Saturday show the “YouTube Festival of Folk Music”?

Is his Saturday show the “YouTube Festival of Folk Music”?

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FLORIAN SILBEREISEN: Is “Schlagerstart.2022” the next sham?

It’s really “strange” what the communication around the shows of FLORIAN SILBEREISEN concerns. So far there has been almost no communication at all in terms of “Schlagerstart.2022”. At least an announcement trailer for the show has been released. – Now you can guess / fear what the “Schlagerstart.2022” is all about: “Mal wieder” warmed up old material – that is not explicitly said, but it is to be feared. The trailer puts it this way:

FLORIAN SILBEREISEN presents the best hit surprises. NIK P., HELENE FISCHER, ANDREA BERG, ANDY BORG, DJ ÜTZI and many more.

That sounds as if one would remember the notorious and legendary “surprises”, which in part almost bordered on real satire, e.g. B. a MARINA MARX was “surprised” with her appearance, although she already announced by us Schlager professionals for the show. If THAT is the concept of showing old clips again, we really ask ourselves: why didn’t they just skip the show and z. B. DSDS start a week earlier on RTL?

“Nothing specific knows you do not”

Even three days before the show is broadcast, as is so often the case with SILBEREISEN shows, the categorical statement is: “Unfortunately, no further information is currently available for this show.” . In this respect, one can only refer to the trailer. And in all seriousness HELENE FISCHER is announced in it – but whether she really wants to make a TV appearance at the moment seems questionable to us. In terms of communication policy, it will be interesting to see whether ZDF can generate correspondingly good ratings with its already popular thrillers (“Wilsberg”, “Die Chefin”)…

Update: “Meine Schlagerwelt” confirmed: Once again only a clip show

In the meantime we have seen that “My Schlager World“ (MDR portal) confirms our fear that “old wine will be forced through new hoses” again. The “best hit surprises of all time” will be presented. What does that have to do with “Schlagerstart.2022”? you know it doesn’t – the child must have had a name – why they made such a secret out of this clip show – you know? it doesn’t… – and whether you have to see “amazing” surprises like STEFAN MROSS’ marriage proposal again – everyone has to decide for themselves… –

Curious: ARD speaks of program changes, ORF of “Schlagerstart.2022”

Irre: While “meine-schlagerwelt.de” talks about a “change in program”, the ORF trailer still shows “Schlagerstart.2022”. Even in the press area of ​​ARD there is still talk of “Schlagerstart.2022” – without words… Photo: © MDR/ARD/Thorsten Jander Follow us:

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