Home World Is fainting a new corona symptom?

Is fainting a new corona symptom?

Is fainting a new corona symptom?

Berlin – Doctors in Berlin are currently dealing with another symptom that could be related to a corona infection. As the Ärzte-Zeitung reports, fainting spells may indicate an infection with the corona virus. It is also about the case of a 35-year-old who was taken to a Berlin hospital because of fainting spells. The doctors examined the patient and found that a Covid infection had triggered the syncope (circulatory disorders). The doctors see a clear connection between Corona and the fainting spells, according to the specialist newspaper. This association is due to “the reproducible circumstances under which the syncope manifests, the clear chronological correlation of the symptoms with SARS-CoV-2 infection and the absence of properties indicative of structural heart disease,” according to the physicians- Newspaper.

Researchers: 4.2 percent suffer from fainting spells

Similar symptoms have been reported before. Cases of this type should also occur more frequently in long-Covid patients. In August 2021, researchers examined 37 studies with a total of 14,438 corona patients. They found that 4.2 percent of those infected (604 cases) experienced fainting (syncope) or a feeling of impending unconsciousness (presyncope) in the early stages of the corona infection. According to this study, people over the age of 60 are particularly affected. The researchers believe that fainting is not a typical symptom of corona, but that it can also occur in some cases. It should be taken seriously as an early warning sign. What exactly causes fainting in the course of a corona infection has not yet been finally clarified.

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