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Hundreds of people demonstrate against lateral thinkers NDR.de – News – Hamburg

 Hundreds of people demonstrate against lateral thinkers  NDR.de - News - Hamburg

Status: 01/15/2022 1:25 p.m. “Solidarity and education instead of conspiracy ideologies”: Under this motto, several hundred people are currently parading through downtown Hamburg. The Hamburg alliance against the right called for the demonstration. The alliance is supported by more than 100 groups and organizations. Among them are the second division football club FC. St. Pauli also has the ver.di union and the Education and Science Union (GEW). In addition, the global climate movement Fridays For Future and the citizenship groups of the Greens and Left are taking part in the demonstration. AUDIO: Demo for solidarity and against conspiracy ideologies (1 min)

Final rally in Mönckebergstraße

The demonstration train started at midday at Dammtor station. He goes to Mönckebergstrasse. The final rally is planned there at Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz at 2:45 p.m.

Hygiene protection concept should be observed

The alliance asked the demonstrators in advance to comply with the Corona requirements. You must therefore wear mouth and nose protection and keep a minimum distance of one and a half meters in all directions.

Protest was originally counter-demo

The alliance demonstration was originally planned as a counter-protest. Up to 15,000 people actually wanted to take to the streets in Hamburg today against the Corona policy. However, this was forbidden by the assembly authorities. The reason was the fear that those opposed to vaccination would not comply with the Corona requirements. On the other hand, around 300 people protested peacefully in front of the Hamburger Kunsthalle on Friday evening. Further information The administrative court has ruled: The ban on the large demonstration planned for Saturday in the city center is legal. According to the police, more than 13,000 people demonstrated. As a result, there were disruptions in the city center. (01/08/2021) more Around 300 people demonstrated against the Corona rules on Saturday – although the organizer had actually canceled. (December 26, 2021) more So far, Hamburg’s authorities have seen no control of the protests by right-wing extremists. (24.12.2021) more How is Hamburg doing with the corona pandemic? Here you will find the latest figures, news, videos and background information. more This topic in the program:

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