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Horst Lichter: This is how the “Bares for Rares” star celebrates his 60th – people

Horst Lichter: This is how the

On Saturday, “Bares for Rares” star Horst Lights 60 years old. He to BILD: “We actually wanted to celebrate big with 300 people. My darling and I had already written the list, the location had been decided, and I also knew what music should be played. My wife turned 50 at the beginning of January and I’ll be 60 on January 15. So we thought: if that’s not cause for celebration…” But this wish burst: “Unfortunately, the whole Corona theater started again. Then we said we’re not going to celebrate. The risk is too great for us. Now we want to have a big summer party and just celebrate afterwards. And if it’s dry on January 15th, I might get on my motorbike and ride for a few hours,” reveals Lichter. His biggest wish? Lights to BILD: “I would love to be in a huge junkyard in England. Two weeks wearing only a boiler suit, living in a small room and then screwing, tinkering in a foreign junkyard – and a lot of rest. That would be my dream vacation.”

Horst Lichter has been married to Nada since 2009Photo: Getty Images You need time for a dream vacation, but Lichter has been busy moderating his junk show “Bares for Rares” since 2013. Up to three million viewers regularly tune in to the popular show.
What has changed in his personal life over the years? Horst Lights to BILD: “I used to be more vain than I am today. As a young man, I paid a lot of attention to my appearance. I don’t give a damn if I’m walking around outside with dirty work trousers and a hanging mustache and 400 people see it. How many times have I stood in front of the mirror in the past and changed my clothes twice before leaving the house.”

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