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Her daughter’s name known – reference to Disney film

Her baby's name revealed - reference to Disney film

Helene Fischer gave birth to a daughter around Christmas. Image: imago images / Frederic Kern At the beginning of January, the message made the rounds that Helene Fischer already around Christmas is said to have given birth to her baby – so it’s a girl. the pregnancy was publicly confirmed in October and finally also by the singer, zur birth however, there has not yet been any statement from the artist.Now the “image” also found out the name of Helene’s daughter. Accordingly, the little one is named after a character from a famous Disney film.

Helene Fischer’s daughter’s name leaked

According to the newspaper, Helene Fischer’s child is named Nala. This is also the name of a character from the cartoon “The Lion King” from 1994: Here Nala is the girlfriend of the main character Simba, in the end the two even become the new royal couple after the death of Simba’s father. That Helene Fischer is a great Disney -Fan is known. In 2016 she contributed the credits song “I’m ready” to the German version of the cinema hit “Vaiana”. At the time, she gushed: “It’s a huge honor to be able to sing the song. I enjoyed being someone else in the studio.”Incidentally, the name of the child has not yet been officially confirmed by Helene Fischer. When reporting the birth, “Bild” referred to a source close to the interpreter of “Breathless”. The news of the pregnancy was not initially published by Helene Fischer herself either. at Instagram she wrote in the autumn: “But this time there was probably People in my immediate environment who have shared entrusted and personal information with the media, which in this case actually disappoints me the most.” She and her partner actually wanted to keep the information secret for a while. (ju)Schäfer Heinrich was looking for love in “Bauer sucht Frau” (ultimately in vain) in 2008 and is still vividly remembered by many fans. The past few years have been difficult for the 55-year-old due to the Corona crisis, and the costs are getting too much for him. After the RTL show, he also built a foothold as a Ballermann singer.

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