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Hansa Rostock: Havelse hero Kevin Schumacher is looking forward to Hannover 96 – 2nd Bundesliga

Hansa Rostock: Havelse hero Kevin Schumacher is looking forward to Hannover 96 - 2nd Bundesliga

He scored the promotion goal for Havelse. Now Kevin Schumacher (24) starts in Rostock.
BILD: Hi, how do you like Rostock?Schumacher: “I feel very comfortable here on the Baltic Sea. Hansa is a well-managed club, and everything else around it fits. The city is beautiful, the sea is in front of the door – I can’t complain.”
BILD: 16 games, 3 assists – satisfied so far?Schumacher: “On the one hand yes, on the other hand no. The fact that I was allowed to play 16 games in my first second division season is outstanding. But there could have been one or two more assists, and I could have scored one or two goals. When I look at the videos like this, I’m not satisfied with the opportunities I’ve got. Maybe it’s the inexperience. But I’m working hard in training, trying to improve every day. And if I compare myself from day one to today, I’ve already made a lot of progress.”BILD: Almost seven months ago you shot Havelse into the 3rd division…

Schumacher: “Of course I like to think back on it. I will never forget this day! We managed to get promoted to the 3rd division with a club that wasn’t professional for a long time. That is something very special.”BILD: Are you still in contact?Schumacher: “Yes, of course. The feel-good factor was always important to me, I’m still in contact with a few. I have the closest contact with Torben Engelking, with whom I played in Egestorf. We always got along well, and that turned into a friendship.”
BILD: Do you follow the Havelser games?Schumacher: “Whenever I have the opportunity, I try to watch the games on Magenta TV. I was only in Havelse for a year, but I fell in love with this club. I have great memories of the time and of course I follow how they do in the 3rd division.BILD: What do you say about the failure of your mentor Jan Zimmerman at 96?Schumacher: “Zimbo is a special person for me. He brought me to Egestorf and Havelse, we built a special relationship. When we hear or see each other, it’s always nice. Recently the contact has become less. He had a difficult time in Hanover. I am very sorry for him. I didn’t get in touch after he was released, I thought he had to and wanted to deal with it on his own first. But I talked to Jens Jansen (Zimbo’s assistant trainer, the ed.), I met him by chance in the city.
BILD: Hansa against 96 – how excited are you?Schumacher: “Of course it’s a special game for me, even though I’ve never played at 96. But I’m from close by, I have a lot of friends in Hanover.”BILD: You never played for 96, why did the Reds overlook you?Schumacher: “I’m the wrong person to talk to (laughs). But I didn’t go through the roof that steeply, I first played for a small club in Egestorf. 96. It’s an ambitious club, so you don’t necessarily look at a boy who plays in the regional league. And you have to say that things didn’t go so well for me afterwards in Bremen. Hannover had other requirements than bringing in a player like me (laughs).”BILD: Someday 96 – is that a goal?Schumacher: “As of now, I don’t even think about it. I have a contract with Hansa and, as I said, I feel very comfortable here. I wouldn’t be angry if I played here with Hansa Rostock in the second division for the next six, seven, eight years. That’s enough for me. I would like to stay here long.”BILD: There was an earthquake in the Hansa training camp in Turkey. What was going through your mind?Schumacher: “I didn’t notice anything, I slept soundly. My teammates told me about it in the morning.”

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