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Hamburg: Thousands against “lateral thinkers” – forbidden protest escalates shortly thereafter

Hamburg Demo Kunsthalle

Their banners and signs read “Stop conspiracy ideologies” or “For a future based on solidarity – vaccinate instead of scolding”: Thousands of people demonstrated in downtown Hamburg from Saturday afternoon under the motto “Solidarity and education instead of conspiracy ideologies”. A demonstration by “lateral thinkers” and opponents of vaccination and measures had previously been banned. However, they did gather. The police stepped in.The demo under the motto “Solidarity and enlightenment instead of conspiracy ideologies” began with an opening rally at Dammtor and moved towards Mönckebergstraße, where the final rally took place. In addition to commitments to science (“Globulis do not stop a pandemic”) and solidarity in the pandemic (“Your freedom is egoism”), the posters of the participants also read demands such as “Vaccine and health care for everyone – worldwide”. “Grannies Against Right” take part in the protest of the Hamburg Alliance Against Right.

Demo in Hamburg: Police speak of 2900 participants

The police counted 2,900 demonstrators. The general mood was consistently peaceful, the officials told MOPO in the early afternoon. The demonstration went through large parts of the city center, the demonstrators were divided into several blocks before the start for reasons of infection protection, which lengthened the procession accordingly. “Vaccine for everyone – release the patents” says the signs of some participants. On Jungfernstieg, the protest march has been stopped in the meantime because, from the police’s point of view, distances were not sufficiently maintained in a demo block and some participants masked themselves , also through the use of screens. were hooded. Pyrotechnics had previously been ignited in the block. After a discussion between the demonstrators involved and the emergency services, it continued. Pyrotechnics were ignited in one block of the demo.You might also be interested in: Counter-demo in Hamburg: That’s why we’re protesting against lateral thinkers The protest was organized by the Hamburg Alliance Against the Right, which claims to have been supported by more than 100 organizations and groups, including the parliamentary groups of the Greens and Left, the GEW state association in Hamburg and Fridays for Future. The demo train shortly after the start at Dammtor.

Hamburg: large demo of “lateral thinkers” prohibited – participants still come, situation escalates

The demonstration was originally planned as a counter-protest to the planned large-scale demonstration by opponents of vaccination and measures and “lateral thinkers”. However, the demonstration was forbidden by the police because it could not be assumed that all participants would comply with the obligation to wear masks and keep their distance. The Hamburg administrative court confirmed this ban. A corresponding demo with more than 13,000 participants took place last weekend, many participants did not adhere to the mask and distance rules. Despite the ban, the police counted around 5,000 people in the vicinity of the main station on Saturday, who attributed to the actually banned demo were – not concentrated, but loosely distributed in small groups, said a spokesman for MOPO. A few hundred people gathered at the Kunsthalle, the planned starting point of the demonstration – they did not wear masks. The police made loudspeaker announcements, asking people to move away. The announcements were drowned out with whistles and chants. Despite the ban, participants in the planned demo against corona measures and vaccinations gathered. Because the demonstrators did not go, the police stepped in and cleared. There were arguments and fisticuffs between police officers and demonstrators. Space was banned, some participants were taken away. The police led a man away from the Kunsthalle. After the cancellation of the large demo, for which up to 15,000 participants were expected, there were calls for several smaller protests in relevant groups on social networks been distributed in Hamburg. There, numerous people had also announced that they wanted to gather at the main station despite the ban.You might also be interested in: Expert explains: That’s why the Corona demos are not as peaceful as they seem. Some of the smaller protests have been registered and approved. According to the police, a demonstration against the Corona measures with around 200 participants took place in St. Pauli in the early afternoon. According to MOPO information, up to 1,000 people gathered in Barmbek in the afternoon. The police are in large-scale operations throughout the city, and are also supported by officials outside of Hamburg, including from Berlin.

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