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GNTM candidate Lieselotte from Salzwedel was an Ostrock star

Frontfrau einer reinen Frauenband: Lieselotte "Liese" Reznicek in den 80er-Jahren bei "Mona Lise".

Salzwedel/Berlin – When the next season of Germany’s next top model (GNTM) starts with Heidi Klum on February 3, there will also be a Salzwedelerin. ProSieben announced Lieselotte’s (66) participation on Wednesday (January 12). And the elderly woman hides an exciting life story that leads back to the GDR music scene of the 1980s. For music fans from the east, when they saw Lieselotte’s GNTM photo, it quickly became clear: this is a real East Rock star. And right. The 66-year-old can look back on an eventful history in the music scene in the GDR. She even connects them very closely with band greats like Silly. Lieselotte “Liese” Reznicek presents herself in a sporty dress at Germany’s next top model. She also has a lot to offer musically. Photo: ProSieben/Richard HübnerLieselotte “Liese” Reznicek was the lead singer of the popular women’s band “Mona Lise”. With the support of Wolfgang “Schubi” Schubert, then also manager of the band “Pankow”, the group came together in 1982, as Liese Reznicek revealed in an interview with the music magazine “Deutsche Mugge” in 2012. Titles such as Tina (1984), Tears (1987) and Restless and Harmony from Yesterday (both from 1988) achieved top positions in the GDR annual charts. “Mona Lise was the first band in the GDR that consisted exclusively of women,” says the interview. A special feature. The music of the group was based on the style of the Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW). The women completed up to 150 performances – later men joined the band – per year. The success lasted until 1989. During this time, the group almost became the support act for Udo Lindenberg’s tour of Germany. And Annette Humpe was also interested in Mona Lise. But the well-known producer (later for Die Prinzen, among others) was not allowed to enter the GDR at the time. A collaboration did not come about.

At that time Liese, her first name also served as a template for the band name, was still married to the well-known bassist Hans-Jürgen “Jäcki” Reznicek. First at Pankow, he switched to Silly in 1987 with frontwoman Tamara Danz. He still plays there to this day. Last year the band released the album “Instandbesetz” with new interpretations of old hits and some new titles.In the year of reunification, the album “Mona Lise” was released by Amiga, but the group broke up almost at the same time. Liese then worked as a teacher and did not return to the big music stage.

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