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Germany – Belarus live in the ticker: Alfred Gislason’s DHB team starts in Bratislava in European Handball Championships

Germany - Belarus live in the ticker: Alfred Gislason's DHB team starts in Bratislava in European Handball Championships

The German national team starts at 6 p.m. in the 15th European Handball Championship. At the start, the team led by national coach Alfred Gislason meets Belarus in the Ondrej Nepela winter stadium in Bratislava the German team succeeded. On Sunday, Germany beat the Olympic champion from France 35:34 (14:18). Disgust at the corona situation in the host country: “We are stunned” YESTERDAY, 3:11 p.m. Nevertheless, coach Gislason warned before the Belarusians were thrown. The German team expects a “50:50 game” for the 62-year-old Icelander. +++ Click here to update +++

Germany – Belarus 23:20

37 minutes: That’s Wolff! He holds Aleh Astrashapkin and initiates the counterattack that Golla converts into his second goal. A minute later he’s there again: he’s out early against the Karalek, forcing the pivot to lob, which Karalek can’t accommodate. In return, Häfner scored his next goal. Germany pulls away for the first time.

Germany – Belarus 19:19

33 minutes: The allusion to the circle also works in Germany this time: Häfner finds Wiencek. Then Kühn completes a counterattack after missing the first chance half a minute earlier. 19:19!

Germany – Belarus 17:19

32 minutes: The pass to Karalek works again, but he can only be stopped with a foul again. Vailupau turns ice cold against Wolff.

Germany – Belarus 17:18

Halftime: The ball to the circle works excellently for the Belarusians. Karalek scored five goals in the first half. The interaction between defense and goalkeeper in the Germans does not work at all: Klimpke and Wolff have only saved one ball together. Nevertheless: team manager Oliver Roggisch confirms in the “ARD” that Gislason’s team comes out of the break with a 6-0 cover. Wolff is in goal at the beginning of the second half. It goes on!

Germany – Belarus 17:18

30 minutes: Vailupau also converts the next throw from the seven-meter line. Klimpke comes back on the field for the seven-meter penalty, but cannot prevent the 16:18, the 26-year-old is too cool. With six goals, the man from the Belarusian record champions Brest GK Meshkov is the best thrower. Important: On the German side, Häfner throws the connection from the back just before the break. 18 goals conceded in the first round are far too many from a German perspective. But everything is still in there!

Germany – Belarus 15:17

28 minutes: Belarus plays well over the circle and keeps finding Artsem Karalek. Bitter: Kühn cannot stop the 25-year-old despite a foul. A minute later, Karalek scores despite Steinert holding. The man from Erlangen also gets a time penalty. Germany threatens to lose the connection again shortly before the break with a double deficit.

Germany – Belarus 12:13

24 minutes: Vailupau leads his team brilliantly and scores his fifth goal – this time from a penalty. The Belarusians break through again, although the time game threatens. Gislason still doesn’t like that. Wolff has also only saved this one ball since he came on for Klimpke.

Germany – Belarus 11:10

21 minutes: Germany has now arrived at this European Championship. The defense is more stable. Häfner scores his fourth goal from behind and Julius Kühn also tanks through. Then Alfred Gislason’s team managed the first two counterattacks: First Golla scored for the first time in this tournament, then Steinert converted another counterattack. Great phase of the German team, who scored four goals in a row!

Germany – Belarus 7:10

18 minutes: Kulesh hits Steinert hard in the face during a defensive action. The penalty and the time penalty are undisputed. The team of referees looks at the scene on the monitor – but leaves it at the two-minute time penalty. Marcel Schiller converts the seven-meter to 7:10. Germany is in the majority.

Germany – Belarus 5:9

14 minutes: Germany comes out of the break stronger. Andreas Wolff immediately saves the first ball. Philipp Weber and Häfner bring Germany closer to the Belarusians again. But the defense of the Germans is not good yet, Belarus get easy hits.

Germany 2-7 Belarus

10 minutes: The technical errors are piling up. Patrick Wiencek with the storm foul. Uladzislau Kulesh scores from the back to make it 7:2. Till Klimpke couldn’t get a hand on the ball in those first few minutes. Alfred Gislason takes the first time out and brings Andreas Wolff into the German goal.

Germany 2-4 Belarus

7 minutes: The young German team got off to a nervous start. The Belarusian defense tries to prevent allusions to captain Johannes Golla. Germany cannot use the majority. Mikita Vailupau is passed to the right and scores to make it 4:2 for Iouri Chevtsov’s team.

Germany 1-1 Belarus

3rd minute: Very early on, the first two-minute time penalty against Viachaslau Bokhan. Germany uses the superior number: Kai Häfner tanks up and throws the first tournament goal for the German team.

Germany 0-0 Belarus

1 minute: Germany starts with a 6-0 defense and without a regular right winger. Timo Kastening sits on the bench for the time being. Christoph Steinert begins.

INFO – Surprise in goal

The German team starts with 23-year-old Till Klimpke from HSG Wetzlar in goal. The youngster is thus directly from his first game at the European Championship. That’s a surprise. Andreas Wolff only sits on the bench from the start.

INFO – Gislason expects “50:50 game” against opening opponent Belarus

Germany starts as a lucky bag in the tournament in Slovakia and Hungary. Before the opening match in Bratislava, national coach Alfred Gislason and backfield man Julius Kühn warned against underestimating the opponent. The 62-year-old Icelander even expects a “50:50 game” against the Belarusians.”Absolute 50:50 game”: Gislason warns of the opening opponent Belarus

INFO – Eurosport expert Hens warns of group: “It will be a hard piece of work”

In 2004 Pascal Hens became European champion with the German team. Three years later, the former world-class handball player was part of the winter fairytale when Germany became world champions in their own country. Before the game against Belarus, the Eurosport expert spoke in an exclusive interview about the qualities of the German team, the group opponents Belarus, Austria and Poland and the top favorites for the tournament victory. | To the interview with the Eurosport experts

INFO – Up to 18 European Handball Championship games live on Eurosport

In the evening, Eurosport will broadcast the group match between Portugal and Iceland from 8:30 p.m. A total of up to 18 games without German participation can be seen on free TV on Eurosport. | The broadcast schedule for the European Handball ChampionshipHighlights: France forces opening win against Croatia

INFO – Dress rehearsal successful: Germany beats Olympic champions

The German handball players passed their ultimate endurance test against Olympic champions France last Sunday with flying colors. The team of national coach Alfred Gislason defeated the French star ensemble with a goal by Luca Witzke in the final second with 35:34 (14:18). This means that the team goes into the first group game against Belarus with plenty of self-confidence. | To the article “Extremely much momentum”: The votes on the DHB coup against France

INFO – The way to the European Championship title

The preliminary round will be played in six groups of four. In Group D, Germany meets Belarus alongside Austria and Poland. The first two teams in each group advance to the main round, in which there are then two groups of six. The two best-placed teams in the two main round groups reach the semi-finals, the third-placed teams play out fifth place. All finals will be played in Budapest. | All questions and answers about the tournament

INFO – Welcome

Hello and welcome from the Winter Stadium Ondrej Nepela in Bratislava. At 6 p.m. the German team starts the European Handball Championship. The opening opponent of coach Alfred Gislason’s team in Group D is Belarus. Pascal Steinmann ticks the German EM start live for you. This might also interest you: Olympic champion France wins heated top game against Croatia pack formation and blue card! Croatia conceded three penalties in twelve secondsEMHandball EM: Germany – Belarus now live on TV and in the live streamYESTERDAY AT 21:23EMDHB coach Gislason committed to goalkeeper duo11/01/2022 AM 16:11

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