Home Entertainment Gap beef: Emmy Russ introduces Juliano Fernandez!

Gap beef: Emmy Russ introduces Juliano Fernandez!

Gap beef: Emmy Russ introduces Juliano Fernandez!

The drama continues! Rumors circulated on Thursday that the Temptation Island VIP-Candidate Henrik Stoltenberg his girlfriend Paulina Lyubas (25) during filming too Celebrities under palm trees is said to have cheated – with reality TV notoriety Emmy Russ (22). The blonde already expressed herself in one official statement about it, but some of her TV colleagues don’t seem to want to believe her – including Juliano Fernández. Emmy therefore said hard words to him online! In her Instagram story, the influencer said that she found it totally ridiculous that the 23-year-old had now announced that she would also like to comment on the subject in a statement. “Although I think to myself, with the 70,000 followers, who cares? Better fill up your tooth gap first. If you want, I’ll give you that too, because I can do it,” Emmy railed against Juliano. But the hottie didn’t let it go sitting on himself – and promptly shot back: “Do you think I like walking around with a gap in my teeth at the age of 23?” Juliano doesn’t have the financial means to run to the beauty doctor for every external flaw. “If you finally went to the doctor, where you probably haven’t been for a long time – except for the plastic surgeon – they would say to you: ‘Look, you’re missing a bit of a brain, the boy is missing a tooth.’ I accept that: I’d rather not have a tooth than not a brain!” he said to Emmy. “Temptation Island VIP” from November 11th RTL+AdTemptation Island VIP, RTLHenrik Stoltenberg on “Temptation Island VIP”AdEmmy Russ, “Temptation Island VIP” Contestant 2021AdInstagram / julianofernandezzJuliano Fernandez, “Temptation Island VIP” starVoteView result
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