Home Sports Formula 1: Now it’s official! Ferrari boss makes announcement

Formula 1: Now it’s official! Ferrari boss makes announcement

 Formula 1: Now it's official!  Ferrari boss makes announcement

Formula 1: Now it’s official! Ferrari boss Binotto announces news

Formula 1: These are the 10 most legendary tracks Formula 1: These are the 10 most legendary tracks Year after year, Formula 1 holds its races on the most spectacular racetracks in the world. We show you the most legendary courses of the premier class. View Description The 2022 season will be in the formula 1 trend-setting for the next few years due to the drastic rule changes. That’s why many teams focused on the new year early on. A racing team, which in the new year in the formula 1 Ferrari wants to finally be at the forefront again at all costs. The Scuderia has been chasing its ambitions for years. At times the Red Goddess from Italy sank into great chaos.

Formula 1: Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto hot for 2022

This should finally be the end of the upcoming Formula 1 season. Ferrari feels his pride has been hurt by the many bankruptcies in recent years and finally wants to win again. “It is Ferrari’s responsibility to be at the forefront again in Formula 1,” says team boss Mattia Binotto: “There can only be one goal for Ferrari, and that is victory. It is anchored in our DNA that we fight for pole positions and victories.” In Formula 1, Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto did not have the success they had hoped for. Photo: IMAGO / Laci Perenyi ————————————————- Ferrari – the 2022 team:

  • Pilot 1: Charles Leclerc
  • Pilot 2: Carlos Sainz Jr.
  • Test/reserve driver: Mick Schumacher
  • Test/reserve driver: Antonio Giovinazzi
  • ———————————— And further: “We will not accept it, another one like that To deliver performance like in 2021. It hurt us so much when we had to watch the others celebrate. We will attack at the front again.”

    Formula 1: Ferrari presents new car

    There was another small declaration of war immediately afterwards. Ferrari was the first Formula 1 team to announce when the bolide will be presented for the 2022 season. Formula 1: Ferrari announces an important message! Photo: imago images/HochZwei “We will present the car between February 16 and 18,” announced the head of the Scuderia, who wants to benefit from the major rule changes in the coming year. ——————————– News from Formula 1: Formula 1: Is Lewis Hamilton really quitting? THIS is what his decision depends on Formula 1: Ouch! Slap in the face for Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull boss with next swipe Formula 1: Is his departure threatened otherwise? Star pilot makes clear demands on his team ——————————-

    Formula 1: Binotto steps on the brakes

    Despite all the will to fight, Binotto had to put the brakes on the euphoria at some point in his speech at Ferrari’s Christmas press conference: “However, we must not immediately set the world title as our goal. That would be presumptuous.” Binotto continues: “To what extent we can keep up with the best teams over a whole season cannot yet be said. After all, we don’t have a crystal ball.”

    Formula 1: Vettel reveals – THEN he would stop

    “Would be a betrayal of the generation to come” – Sebastian Vettel reveals when he would give up his Formula 1 career. All information here.

    Formula 1: Hamilton fuels rumors about the end of his career

    Is Lewis Hamilton really turning his back on Formula 1? The Brit continues to fuel the rumors >>>

    Formula 1: Spectacular comeback?

    Actually, the drivers for the 2022 season in Formula 1 have already been determined, but if Hamilton’s career ends, something could still happen there. For HIM that would be the chance for a comeback!

    Mick Schumacher ends up in the “points” for the first time

    The Formula 1 colleagues have now ensured that Mick Schumacher can look forward to “points” for the first time. More about that here! —————————————————–

    The 2022 Formula 1 racing calendar

  • March 20 Bahrain GP
  • March 27 Saudi Arabia GP
  • 10 April Australian GP
  • 24 April Emilia Romagna GP (Imola)
  • May 8 Miami GP
  • May 22nd Spanish GP
  • 29 May Monaco GP
  • June 12 Azerbaijan GP
  • June 19 Canadian GP
  • 03 July Great Britain GP
  • July 10 Austrian GP
  • July 24th French GP
  • July 31 Hungarian GP
  • 28 August Belgian GP
  • 04 September Netherlands GP
  • 11 September Italian GP
  • September 25 Russian GP
  • 02 October Singapore GP
  • October 9th Japanese GP
  • 23 October Austin GP
  • October 30th Mexican GP
  • November 13 Brazilian GP
  • 20 November Abu Dhabi GP
  • —————————————————–

    Formula 1: Beware Verstappen! World champion threatens fiasco in 2022

    As the world champion of Formula 1, Max Verstappen is favored for the new season. But 2022 could be very bitter for the Dutchman. All information here! Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel once again received a juicy slap in the face. After Red Bull team boss Christian Horner defamed his former protégé, Helmut Marko is now the next official of the Heppenheimer’s former racing team. Here’s the info >> Formula 1: Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto lets the cat out of the bag. Photo: imago images/Motorsport Images

    Formula 1: Mercedes boss relentlessly – HE should go!

    Toto Wolff is still not over the end of the last F1 season. He calls for far-reaching changes that do not stop at a certain personnel. Meanwhile, title loser Lewis Hamilton has continued to disappear. He has only been seen at the accolade since the World Cup final, otherwise there is dead silence. Even the new FIA President does not get an answer to a message. More on this >> +++ Formula 1: tens of thousands of fans pissed off – THIS decision causes anger +++

    Formula 1: Spectacular turnaround – suddenly THIS crazy comeback is in the room

    Crazy turnaround in Formula 1! A person in charge brings a spectacular comeback into the conversation. >>> All information here. ——————————————————

    Formula 1 | Drivers and teams 2022

  • Mercedes: Hamilton/Russell
  • Red Bull: Verstappen/Perez
  • McLaren: Norris/Ricciardo
  • Aston Martin: Vettel/Stroll
  • Alpine: Alonso/Ocon
  • Ferrari: Leclerc/Sainz
  • Alpha Tauri: Gasly/Tsunoda
  • Alfa Romeo: Bottas/Zhou
  • Haas: Mazepin/Schumacher
  • Williams: Latifi/Albon
  • ——————————————————

    Formula 1 hammer! Vettel team drops a bomb – departure sealed

    Awesome in Formula 1! Sebastian Vettel’s team announces a departure. >>> More here! Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto has set a very clear goal for the next season in Formula 1. Photo: imago images/Action Plus As soon as the first departure is sealed, another one is in the Vettel team’s room. Is everything happening in quick succession now? More about it here >>>

    Formula 1: Premiere for Mick Schumacher

    Mick Schumacher is always a topic at Ferrari. The Haas driver could offer good performances for the Scuderia. He has high hopes for the 2022 season. The reason is a first!

    Formula 1: Ex-world champion surprised – ER was about to make a comeback! “I thought about it”

    In Formula 1, there almost came a spectacular return. >>> More about this here.

    Formula 1: Awesome! This obligation is a sensation

    Formula 1: What a sensation! There has never been such an obligation in motorsport before. >>> More about this here. There are still rumors about a sudden end to Lewis Hamilton’s career, and the record world champion has still not denied them. Now there are even rumors about Vettel as a possible replacement. More >>

    Bang at Alpine racing team

    After the Szuafnauer bang there was also an earthquake at Alpiine. The racing team dismissed its team boss Marcin Budkowski. Will Vettel’s ex-boss be his successor? All information here >> (ie)

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