Home Entertainment Filip Pavolvic in the jungle camp 2022: “Not the brightest candle”

Filip Pavolvic in the jungle camp 2022: “Not the brightest candle”

Filip Pavolvic in the jungle camp 2022:

Filip Pavolvic in the jungle camp 2022: “Not the brightest candle” – with this declaration of war he now wants to show everyone

Jungle camp: The winners and what they are doing today Jungle camp: The winners and what they are doing today The RTL reality show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” is very popular. There are already 14 seasons of the so-called “jungle camp”. From them 14 jungle queens and jungle kings emerged. We introduce you to the most famous winners of all seasons and reveal what became of them. show description

Philip Pavolvic is no stranger – the 27-year-old should be familiar to those who love reality TV in particular. After all, he has already taken part in “The Bachelorette” with Nadine Klein (2018, 3rd place), “Bachelor in Paradise” (2019), “Like Me – I’m Famous” (2020, winner of the show) and “Das Große Sat .1 Celebrity Boxing. In the “Jungle camp 2022He now wants to show a different side of himself. There could also be hot scenes with the experienced dating show participant, because he says he is “open to everything”. who about Philip Pavolvic said he was “not the brightest candle on the cake” and how the “Jungle camp 2022“ Wants to get the win, you can find out here. Filip Pavolvic wants to win in the 2022 jungle camp! Photo: Photo: RTL

Filip Pavolvic: You need to know that about the “Jungle Camp 2022” candidate!

Filip Pavolvic is disciplined, well trained and a real happy person. Can that help him win “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!”? no! Filip is really looking forward to the sporting challenges, but he fears the eating tests and therefore prefers to send another candidate forward: “I don’t necessarily have to be the first to compete. I would stand by Harald and hold his hand. Athletic tests would definitely be more appropriate for me.” —————— That’s it RTL jungle camp”:

  • The show has been in production since 2004
  • “The jungle camp” without Sonja Zietlow and Daniel Hartwich is unthinkable for many, with Dirk Bach moderating alongside the blonde until his death
  • In the past, candidates such as Schlager star Melanie Müller and DSDS winner Daniel Kübelböck took part in the show
  • In two weeks, the candidates have to undergo regular, strenuous but above all disgusting “jungle tests” in order to ultimately ascend the throne as jungle king or jungle queen
  • ——————- What he doesn’t seem to be averse to at all is a hot jungle flirt, because the native of Hamburg is still single. “My relationship status? Let’s put it very simply: difficult to convey,” he joked in the RTL interview. “If there’s a nice lady who you can maybe invite for a quiet drink, then of course I’ll do that in the jungle. I’m open to everything,” he announces his willingness to flirt.

    According to his own statement, Filip Pavolvic is “not the brightest candle on the cake” – and still makes an announcement

    “Jungle Camp 2022” participant Filip Pavolvic says about himself that he is “not the brightest candle”, but when it comes to love he is “open to everything”. Photo: Photo: RTL He also causes a laugh in an interview with RTL, because he doesn’t exactly think he’s the most intelligent. “I’m likeable, clumsy and not the brightest candle on the cake,” he jokes. ——————-
    More about the jungle camp 2022 and the candidates:
    Jungle camp (RTL): After 13 cancellations – now she is finally there Jungle camp: Lucas Cordalis talks about participation – Daniela Katzenberger immediately turns on RTL presents “jungle camp” candidates: fans outraged – “Who is that????? ?“ ——————- The wildcard winner still thinks his chances of winning are good. He got it in “I’m a Star – The Big Jungle Show” – a good omen! Although he is full of life and always pulls people upstairs with him, it is better not to mess with him: “If someone wants to make a little fool of me, I’m happy to row with them and of course I don’t let them dance around on my nose.” , says Philip. You already know him from Hürth. There he is already the official king – “and now I will also be the king of the jungle camp”.

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